Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Things are better on the homefront. Clint and I talked a little bit. Miscommunication I guess. It's hard on us being here alone. It's hard on him being away. I know he misses us and thinks about us, but I NEED to talk to him. He never thought that I'd like to hear from him, even if it's just to say hello. Anyway, I got flowers Monday. *grin* I got a plant TUESDAY. *grin* AND I got flowers TODAY! *faints* It's so unlike him to do anything romantic. Not that I'm complaining!!! I could get used to this. Hehe. He'll be home Friday afternoon...

10 months later...

Two days ago I tried on my old pre-pregnancy jeans....

THEY FIT!!! Omg they fit!!!!

My comfy FAV size 8 Old Navy jeans fit again!!!

For kicks I tried on the size 6 capris... and wow, they fit too!! They're a tad tight, but I could totally wear them!!!

All of my hard work at the gym is paying off!


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Out of sight, out of mind

Is it really asking too much for an occasional phone call?? I'm not talking about a 3 hour per day call. Three... Five minutes once or twice in a week. My husband is 6000 miles away and has a company paid for cell phone in his pocket 24/7. I don't believe for a minute that as much as he is on the darn thing that he has not used it at all in a week. But me, his wife, has to text him our phone number to get him to call home. Twice. And he admits "probably not" when I ask if I would have heard from him on his own. Ouch. Just twist the knife in my heart already.

After everything I do for him and this family, he admits he wouldn't have made any effort on his own to contact me.

I'm the one who hid a note in his luggage. I'm the one who drove him to the airport and then sat in my car and cried for 10 minutes afterwards because I was going to miss him. I'm the one who text messaged him "I love you" "be safe" several times before he left and got no response. I took the time to email him some videos of Valerie and pictures of us. Pictures of me, which were never acknowledged. I am stuck here. I can't stay the week at my mom's because someone has to take care of his dog. The dog we have just for the sake of saying we have a dog. The dog who is ignored and neglected to the point of her almost dying twice and having to spend a fortune to "save" her. Stuck. The things I do while he is away goes on and on.

I can't believe we're not given a second thought while he's over there. His wife, his baby daughter... his only family. Here I am - thinking about him, missing him, and worrying. Planning to do something special when he comes home.

And he admits that he would not make an independent effort to call home??!!!!

I feel so unappreciated.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I don't see how anybody can handle being a single mom. I guess they rely on family and friends a lot for help. But what if there isn't anyone? I'm far from a single mom, but Clint is away so much. It's so hard doing everything for Valerie, the house, cat, dog, and myself. I don't see anyone. No one calls or comes by. There's no one to call or go visit. I'm here all day. Every day. The only places for me to go is the gym and Wal-Mart. Major mommy burn out. It makes me question the whole SAHM thing and wonder if I'm cut out for it. I guess I am just having a blah day. I'm lonely. I miss my husband. I've barely heard from him in the 6 days he's been gone. I know he's busy, but I wish he'd check in from time to time. He only called today because I text messaged him our phone number and said "in case you forgot." AND I had to do that twice before he responded. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have heard from him at all. *sigh* Oh well don't mind me. I'm just in a funk. I'll just finish my drink (I fixed myself a wedding cake - amaretto, pineapple juice, & cream) and try to relax. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Well, Clint is somwhere over the Atlantic Ocean now. I brought him to the New Orleans airport this morning. I tried not to cry. Saying goodbye is just so hard. I know it's only for 12 days, but this is different than going offshore. He's going to be 6,000 miles from home!! I just don't like being alone. It's so.... lonely. I'm so thankful he has a good job. Even more thankful it's a job that allows me to be a SAHM. But being apart is so hard for me to deal with. I know I should probably be stronger than this, but my husband is my everything. I depend on him so much. I'm just worried and probably will worry the entire time he is gone. I know he made it to Houston safely. He text messaged me as his flight was preparing for take off. It's another 9 hours to Amsterdam, then a little over an hour to Norway. He'll be there for a week, then fly to Aberdeen. And finally, backtrack home October 28.

Friday, October 14, 2005


We were at my mom's today. I was holding Val and kissing her cheek to make her laugh. I gave her a big kiss on her left cheek. She smiled. Then looked at me. And said "maama." She said it a couple more times afterwards.


Monday, October 03, 2005


Our first family pics finally came in. They're not great, but they're not really bad considering they didn't cost an arm and a leg. I just don't see dishing out big bucks for photos just yet. When Val is old enough to understand "smile for the camera!" we'll go have real family portraits taken.
In the mean time, I ordered a really nice digital camera. A Canon Powershot Pro 1. IT cost an arm and a leg!!! But I reeeally wanted it. As much as we use our camera, it'll be worth it. Plus, Clint will be going overseas and wanted to take our camera. I didn't want to be with out one for weeks... so logically we HAD to buy a new one. It was supposed to be delivered today but never showed. The mail is super slow... courier services must be slow too. Sucks.

Anyway, here we are! What do you think? (excuse the bad quality... my scanner died, so I took a digi pic of the pic!)

It shouldn't be a problem...

should it? I mean, SassyCat is one smart cat! She'll be walking UP the wall, on the ceiling, and through the kitty opening in no time!! *LOL*

Cost us $50 for a new door... a special order at that. No telling how long it'll take to come in.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

"We'll just teach the cat to walk on the ceiling"

Last week I ordered a kitty door to install to our utility room. I keep the cat's food, water, and Littermaid in there. Val had already discovered the dry food dish and enjoyed grabbing handfulls of it. We figured the easiest solution would be to put a pet door before Val discovered the poop box!!

The kitty door was delivered today. Clint took down the door and got set up outside. He was drilling holes in it to mark where he was going to cut the hole.

"Are you sure that's right?" I asked. "That's not the TOP of the door, is it?"

"No," he said. "It's right."

Clint is known for doing things backwards, upside down, etc etc. I just thought I'd check on him to be sure. He was sure.

The kitty door won't screw in because of the raised panels on our door. He had to glue/caulk it. Clint finishes and brings the door inside to re-hang it.

The hinges don't line up.


The kitty door is on the TOP of the door. NOT the bottom!! He's trying to put the door in upside down. Just as I thought.

Maybe SassyCat can learn to walk on the ceiling?

Now we have to buy a new door. AND if the kitty door won't come out, we have to buy another one of those too!!!

Yes, it's funny, isn't it? Although I'm not laughing!!!