Sunday, February 05, 2006

More details later... but I got a new car today!!!


  1. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Wanted to let you know *I* am getting calls (3) about your car for sale .. so I want a cut off the profit for advertising costs ROFL..... Opal

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    My interest is piqued.

  3. LOL They're calling you, Opal, but not me?! And my number is on the email?!

  4. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Tell me about it! Like I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE CAR! ROFLMAO ... I get questions like 'Why does it only have xxx miles', or 'what condition is it in?' or 'what do you know about this car?' My answers are simple, to call YOU!

    Seriously though I know of definitely two people that are interested (one for sure) ... one's a family member and the other is a family member of a family friend.

    I think a 15% commission rate is good if either is the buyer .. RIIIIGHHHTTTT???? Talk it over with the hubbie and let me know ROFLMAO!