Thursday, March 09, 2006

I hope Valerie isn't getting sick again. She barely ate a thing today. She slept much more than normal too. She usually gets up about 7:00, but today slept until 8:45! We went to the gym, where she fussed (see previous post.) We were home by 11:00, and she slept until 12:30! She was up for about an hour, and was sound asleep AGAIN before 2:00. About 3:30 she got up and went back to sleep about 4:30 until I woke her up at 5:00. She was burning hot, so I checked her temp and it was 103.3!! Gave her tylenol, tried to feed her (no go), then gave her a cool bath. She ate a little bit ice cream and we put some cereal in her cup of milk so she'd get something. After an hour or so, her temp was 99.3 and she felt normal when she went to bed tonight. If she's not better tomorrow we'll be taking a trip to Bayou Peds.... *sigh* I don't like it when my baby is sick.

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