Monday, March 13, 2006

Last night Valerie decided to vomit nasty sour *stinky* milk all over my living room rug. Poor baby. First time for everything, I guess. Nasty though. Her peditrician said there's a stomach bug going around, and that's probably what it is. There's not much to do except wait it out. I just wish she'd EAT. All she had today is TWO bites of a pancake, a few bites of baby cereal, half of a cracker, and an apple sauce cup. Her not eating is what worries me the most. I hope she's over this soon.

After our doctor visit, I went to the gym to renew my membership. My time was up March 4th, and I got a notice in the mail March 8th saying I had 10 days to renew. Today I'm told I still had to pay a late fee since my membership had expired. WTF? IF they're going to send out a notice, why don't they send it out a week or so in advance instead of waiting until after the fact?? My guess is so they can collect those late fees. How many people keep track of the exact date their membership runs out?? That was 6 months ago... I knew my membership was up in March, but I couldn't tell you the exact date. I almost told them nevermind that I was going to the YMCA instead, but I handed over my check.

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