Monday, March 27, 2006


We had a pretty nice weekend. The weather was just perfect!!! Friday night we went out to dinner with our next door neighbors. Valerie was very well behaved. Normally she "talks" and "sings" trying to catch the attention of whoever is sitting by us. She was good and played with us instead. She kept putting her little hands over her eyes playing peek-a-boo. SO cute!!

Saturday we made a quick trip to Lowes to pick up stuff for our yard. I got all of our bedding plants and new mulch to re-do our flower beds. We started on that in the afternoon. I let Valerie "help" and she was filthy afterwards. She was litterally crawling around the mounds of mulch and shoving her hands in the dirt. She loved it but was a complete mess! I threw her clothes in the trash they were so dirty!!

Sunday Clint and Val went grocery shopping while I cleaned house. I started my spring cleaning and moved the living room furniture to clean behind them and ended up rearranging things a bit. We finished the yard in the afternoon and Clint grilled burgers for supper. Last night Valerie took MORE steps - finally! She really hadn't taken any since last week. I guess I need to "remind" her every so often that she CAN walk to encourage her to try more. Last night she was just thrilled when I'd hold out my arms and she'd come toddling in them for a big hug.

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