Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Half Birthday

Valerie is 18 months old today. A year and a half! I can't believe my baby is going on two years old. Is it crazy to be thinking about her second birthday party already?! LOL! I have quite a few ideas already and have the guest list in my head.

I took Val in for her well baby appointment this morning, and she is definitely a well baby. She weighed 25.7 lbs (50th percentile) and I'm not sure about her height. Somewhere around 34 or 35", 75th percentile. One of the questions they asked is was she saying at least 10 words. It's probably closer to 20! Late walker, early talker? No shots today thank goodness. She's all done with immunizations until she's 4 years old. So, all is good... she's doing just fine!

Last night was cake class #3. I tried to be a little more prepared for class this time. We practiced a bit, attempted roses, and learned how to make clowns. I didn't really have time to decorate my cake the way I would have liked, but it's okay. My friend and I signed up for Course 2, so the cake decorating will continue for another month.

My mom and dad stayed over last night to babysit while I was at class. Val did pretty good. She usually does fine with them because they play with her the whole time. My mom left all mad this morning though. They were getting ready to leave, so I was trying to find something to put some cake in for them. I don't need a whole cake sitting around the house when it's just me. She kept trying to feed Valerie some cake!! It was 7:45am!!!! And I said no over and over... and my mom was shoving cake in her face... Finally I said PLEASE DON'T GIVE HER THAT!!! And my mom got mad and told my daid LET'S GO! Walked out and didn't even tell Valerie goodbye. Whatever.... but there was no reason to give my child cake at that time of the morning.

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  1. Cake at nearly 8 in the morning. Now would she have fed you that when you were Val's age. I doubt it; I bet she would have gotten upset with anyone who did that, also. But of course, here she goes 30+ years later and does the same thing. GRANDPARENTS!