Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm tired. I guess the adrenaline rush crash is making me feel that way. I was all hyped up after my fender bender. Now I'm hitting the low... My back was hurting yesterday, but today it feels okay. Maybe I was just sore. Val still seems just fine. I still feel so out of it. It's silly because it wasn't a bad accident, but I'm so shaken up. I'm staying home today to "rest." Not really because we are having company tonight, so I'm frantically cleaning. Clint is coming home early to cook, which is great since it's HIS friend that is coming!!

I really wanted to go with the playgroup to Chuck E Cheese today. We're having a birthday party. It's actually cheaper to have a party than to go eat there!! So every month we're going to book a pretend party. lol It's $9 a child. They get 2 pieces of pizza, unlimited drink, $7 in tokens, AND we'll get a birthday cake. Sweet way to cheat the system, eh?

Last night was my second cake class. I really wasn't in the mood. I felt so unprepared. I didn't even decorate my cake in class. I brought some stuff with me, but not all of it. I just wasn't thinking straight I guess. I free handed my cake at home this morning. We were supposed to use a gel transfer pattern. Oh well. It came out okay. a little crooked. I wouldn't brag about it though. I'll be better prepared next week.

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