Thursday, June 29, 2006

Last night turned out really well! MUCH better than I expected. In spite of the no-shows (who were coming no matter what) I had eight guests. Nine (including me of course) out of 12 yes RSVP's is pretty good in my book!! I was just really annoyed yesterday rushing to get ready and knowing that a few people who said they'd come changed their minds at the last minute for no good reason. Anyway, I enjoyed it and I think everyone else did too. The food was great and we sat around talking until about 11:30pm. Clint took Valerie to visit some relatives out of town, and she did great also! He said they had a blast. They got home about 9:30, and Valerie wanted to be out with the visitors SO bad! I felt bad hearing her screaming in our bedroom, but as hostess I didn't want to just leave the party. She eventually went to sleep though, so it was good. I enjoy having people over. We need to do that more often.

We've decided to have a little 4th of July get together. Nothing fancy or too big. We're gonna barbecue in the afternoon and everyone can come by when/if it's convienent for them. I know it's late and a lot of people already have plans. Kids can play in the pool and the sprinkler. The neighborhood fireworks start about 8:30 or so and they're usually pretty nice. The only bad thing is the mosquitoes are usually SO bad we end up watching them from inside. I think I'm going to practice my cake decorating skills and see what I can come up with that suits the 4th!

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  1. Happy to hear that it was a success & you re planning another get-together on the 4th. are they from your neighborhood or all over Houma? How big of a city is Houma?