Thursday, June 01, 2006


I hosted a playgroup at my house today. It went pretty well. The kids enjoyed themselves, which is the most important part. I made enchiladas (which everyone loved), spanish rice, and chicken nuggets with fries for the kiddos. I made a chocolate cake for dessert and it was so yummy, and I don't normally care for chocolate cake that much. I'd spent 2 days cleaning my house and amazingly after having people over it's still fairly clean! lol!!

Tonight we were playing with Valerie and I started asking her what certain animals said. What does the rooster say? cat? dog? cow? monkey? To my surprise, she answered and correctly!! YAY! Way to go!!!!! We play with the see n say sometimes, but honestly she learned it from watching her Brainy Baby Animals DVD. I'm SO glad she is getting something out of it because she loves those movies. Literally one is on all day long. I put it on when she gets up and select repeat. She isn't glued to the TV all day, but while she plays it's there if she wants to watch. I need to re-burn the ABC and colors ones because the disks they are on won't play in the living room.

A bit annoyed with my husband for spending money on stupid stuff. He got new tires today -- $300. His dog had surgery today which will be anywhere from $300-500. So he eats out for lunch and eats an entire $20 pizza. The whole thing. For $20 all three of us could have gone out to eat somewhere. Maybe it's me... but $20 is a lot to spend for lunch for one person. Especially when he eats out every single day of the week as it is. Roughly he spends about $200-$300 a month on lunch!! I told him he has to start bringing his lunch from now on.

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  1. Well, it sounds like the playgroup was very successful. $200-$300 a month on lunch; that is ridiculous! He is working in New Orleans, right? I know here in Chicago the prices are crazy if you eat downtown; probably anywhere in the city. Chicago's sales tax on food is nearly 10%, which is just insane. Which one of you do the bills?