Monday, June 12, 2006

We're still sick. Val and I. Although she isn't acting like a sick baby, so I know she's all right. She's not eating much, but she's okay. I want to crawl in bed for a nap though!!!!

Tomorrow Clint has to fly to Houston for a meeting then fly home tomorrow afternoon. *sigh* He has to leave home at 3am to catch his flight. Originally they wanted him to drive. He'd lose 3 days if he did that! And it's cheaper for airfare than to pay him mileage. So off to Houston he goes.

Of course tomorrow is my second cake class. His flight lands at 4pm, so he should be home just in time for me to head to class. I hope. My parents are going to be on standby and if he's not in New Orleans by 4:00 they will come over and stay until he does get home.

Tomorrow is also our playgroup day. I hope we are well enough to go!! We should be. Wednesday is another group activity... and Thursday is another one.... busy week!!

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