Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Valerie was 20 months old yesterday. Hard to believe... Time has gone by so fast. Soon she will be two years old!! Every day she is learning something new. She talks up a storm to us at night. She just babbles away and it's so cute.

I just bought tickets to take her to se Sesame Street Live in October. A whopping $83!!! I sure hope she enjoys it.


  1. It's terrible how much things cost. Will you be going to New Orleans to see it? Since she will be a little over 2, she should be old enough to be excited by it,hopefully.

  2. It's in Lafayette. Val won't quite be two yet. It's in October and she'll be two in December!

  3. Wow, 20 months! She's grown so much!
    Sorry you're feeling that terrible again. My m/s got a lot better with the medicine I've been taking! It's hard for me to drink plain water too.