Sunday, September 10, 2006

13 weeks!!

Hello second trimester. I am hoping and praying that I get some relief from this sickness soon. It doesn't seem there is an end to it though. :-( I am still sick every day. I still feel bad most of the time. I am getting so depressed. I'm so upset about all the things I want to do but just can't handle. Clint reminded me the other day that his 20 year high school reunion is coming up. He has been talking about this reunion for at least two years!!! I just cried and cried because now he will miss it because of me. I feel so awful about it. I wanted to rejoin the community choir, but I doubt I can handle the drive and late night practices. I haven't taken Valerie to any playgroup stuff in so long. I'm letting her down too. *sigh* Being so sick for so long is just really bringing me down and I don't know what to do about it.


  1. Congrats on getting to the 2nd semester. Big hug! I feel so bad that you feel so bad! Hopefully things will start improving! Prayers for both you & your dad! My 20th reunion is also coming up, but I'm not going. I had planned to originally, but it would cost $200 for both Kevin & I to go and I didn't care for high school enough to spend that kind of money.

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Think about it .... it could be worse .. I mean you are bringing a new life into the world..

    And you guys could be like us these days .. sick sick sick. And we found out the culprit. Lana was diagnosed with MRSA today and I have to make an appointment for myself. THE JOYS OF DAYCARE!!!

    Starting a new job in your neighborhood soon ... I got hired on at Schlumberger .. I start at the end of the month. Granted I may end up right back at XOM if the hiring process over there works in my favor, but you never know.

    Know of any at home day cares in you area? If I stay on with SCH I want to have Lana closer to me. If you know of any, PLEASE share ....

    take care of yourself and I know your dad will do FINE in surgery .. we'll be thinking about him.

    Tell everyone I said hi. Miss you .. Opal