Thursday, September 21, 2006

21 months old!

A special "HELLO" to all the Bon Jovi fans visiting from !!!!! Isn't Bon Jovi awesome? (there's just one small correction in the translation -- Love Bugs are not MOSQUITOES!)

Valerie is 21 months old today! My baby is getting closer and closer to two years old. It makes me sad but also it is wonderful watching her grow and learn. She amazes us each day with all she is accomplishing. She's the sweetest little girl always giving us hugs and kisses. It's so cute how she walks into the room and says "Hi Mommy," all full of grins and giggles. She picks up on new words so fast. She can count to 5, but after that gets stuck on 8 and 9. LOL! She recognizes quite a few of her letters. If you ask her to sing a song, she starts singing "A B C D E" but then gets a little lost and mixes up her letters. Val hasn't quite mastered her colors yet, but we are working on that. She loves to sing "row row row your boat" and "moon moon moon." She can't sing the whole song but she knows when to chime in with the parts she knows! She's such a joy and we love her so much!!

In other news... I haven't been sick in TWO days!!!! After throwing up every day for NINE weeks, everything I've eaten has stayed down for the past two days. I hope the trend continues!! I don't feel 100%, but I don't expect I will until March. I'll take it though.

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  1. All right, 2 days without puking; hope this is the start of the end of your morning sickness.