Monday, September 25, 2006

I really wish I could be one of those happy pregnant women. You know, the ones you see happily bouncing around the baby section of the store. Joyfully picking out baby things planning for their child's arrival. Smiling. Happy. Glowing with excitement. Not that I don't feel any of those things, because I do. I'm just this miserable complaining lump. It's hard to show any kind of happiness when you feel like crap. I had four good, decent days. I managed to do a little much needed cleaning. I even went *gasp* shopping one day. Of course I was completley exhausted, but far from sick. It didn't last. I'm back to being sick. I felt "ok" today. It's gorgeous outside. Valerie and I went to the dollar store right down the road from our house. We weren't gone longer than 15 or 20 minutes, but when we got back I was completely wiped out. And I started feeling sicker.. and sicker... and sicker. *sigh* And I was sick most of the weekend too.... Even taking Phenergan is not helping much. I know it's going to get better eventually.... I hope it's soon. For my sake and my family's sake.

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  1. Sorry that you are still feeling so crappy! Are you planning on finding out the sex of the baby? You may have mentioned before, but do you have any names in mind?