Monday, October 30, 2006

No more road trips for me!! We spent the weekend in Lafayette to take Valerie to see Sesame Street Live. She did really well for this being her first live show. She was having a blast just being in the Cajundome seeing all the people! I think she was scared when the show first began. It was dark and really loud. She got quiet and kept looking around. We were sitting near the speakers too, and I think having the sound coming from our left but the characters in front of us threw her off a bit. She watched the whole show though! After about 45 minutes, she warmed up and started clapping and naming the characters. My biggest complaint is the merchandise prices! I would have loved to get Valerie an Elmo balloon, but I wasn't about to pay $8 for a balloon that will be "dead" in a few days!! Valerie hasn't caught on to ask for that stuff yet. I figured there will be plenty of time for that in the future when she's old enough to ask / beg for for stuff!!

As for me, gosh I felt just horrible yesterday. I guess it was a combination of the drive, having a busy day, and not sleeping that great in a hotel. I really would have liked to do some shopping, but I just wanted to get home. I just don't have the energy to handle doing things like that right now. I still feel pretty bad today. I won't be going on anymore overnight trips for a while.


  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I am glad Valerie enjoyed the show! We did buy a balloon, yeah, we spent $8. It has been since Thursday and it is still alive :)

  2. I love Val's face in the 1st photo, she looks like she's having such a great time.