Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pics and other stuff

We've been working on teaching Valerie her colors. So far, everything is "BLUE" until you tell her otherwise. She was sitting at the table eating lunch, and pointed to the table top and said "Blue!" I told her no that's brown! Val says "brown?", paused for a second, and says "BEAR!! RAAAAH!" LOL! I'm truly amazed that she associated the color brown with a bear!

I took her to the lake today in hopes of getting some good pictures in a new dress. I must have taken 80-100 pics, and only a handfull are decent. She would not cooperate! All she wanted to do was hold my mom's hand and walk. My mom would let go, and Val would demand "HAND!!" My mom had to hide behind a tree so I could take a few pictures. Even then, Val was calling 'Mee mee! w-are yoooo?" (where are you?) It was funny, but I was getting so aggravated. It was hot and I was tired!

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  1. She looks so cute even if they perfectly what you wanted.