Saturday, December 16, 2006

Clint made me so mad last night. He took a shower, and when he came out of the bathroom he had on the full Santa suit. Basically he threw open the door and yelled HO HO HO! Poor Valerie was right there and it scared the crap out of her! She screamed and cried. She was hysterical and trembling!! I told him to put it on but to let her see him put it on so maybe she'd realize it was Daddy playing dress up. I didn't tell him to pop out and shock her. So after that, he tried putting on just the hat or just the beard and she'd cry. Santa is supposed to come to her party tomorrow, so now obviously that isn't a good idea. I think what we'll do is have him stay outside and anyone who wants to see him can go out on the porch. Maybe it won't be as bad if he's not in front of her. Who knows... maybe she'll be scared of Santa for life now.

We got a lot taken care of yesterday. I finished Valerie's cake!! I'm happy with how it came out. My house is mostly clean, thanks to my parents and Clint. We just have to de-clutter the kitchen and pick up a little bit.

Today is Halliburton's local Christmas party. I am not sure if I will go. We still have things that need to be done around here. And last night I felt just awful from being on my feet all day. That was another thing I was mad about -- Clint has pretty much refused to rub my back during this entire pregnancy. Here I am, just about 7 months pregnant, in tears some nights because my back aches so much, and not ONCE has he ever rubbed my back. I've mentioned it to him, and all he says is "I'm sorry." I don't know what that's about, but really... he could give me 5 minutes of his time to make me feel better.


  1. Is Val's birthday party on Sunday (today)? Can't wait to see some pictures and here how it went? I really doubt the Santa episode, will scar her for life, but I understand why you would be so mad at Clint? He should have known better, but then he is a man and men just lack sopme common sense sometimes.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry Valerie reacted like that... It is very commom for children to be afraid of Santa or clown costumes, though. I don't know why.
    I hope you can figure out a way of having everything work as planned.

  3. My husband hates clowns. I'd guess that he had some bad experience when he was really young. I doubt we will ever go to the circus, when we have kids, but lots of kids initially are scared of Santa and after a few years, they are fine with him. Valerie is not yet 2, so she is still so young that she will probably be fine with him next year.