Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Christmas turned out okay, over all. We spent almost 4 hours Christmas Eve in Urgent Care getting Valerie some medicine. I really did not want to bring her there mainly because I knew it would be a long wait, and that there wasn't much to do for her. Any kind of viral infection just has to run it's course. Clint wanted to go anyway though to be on the safe side, so we did. We were the 7th person in the door, and it was over THREE hours before we saw the doctor!! And as I thought, Val had a viral respiratory infection that has to run its course. We did get a good prescription decongestant for her out of it.

After all of that, we came home, ate a quick lunch, and started to get ready to go to my mom's. We were so late getting there. And I was so tired. Valerie was cranky and not wanting to eat. She was all about opening her presents though! And everyone elses! lol Once she caught on to tearing off the wrapping paper, she was all over every box she could get her hands on. The contents made no difference - everything was "Oh WOW!" lol It was pretty fun just watching her have such a great time.

Funny thing though.... duplicate gifts were the theme this year!! Clint got me a jewelry armoire. My mom got me the exact same one! Clint got me a massage mat, and my dad got the exact same thing for my mom. I gave Clint a manicure set, and my mom gave him one too!! And "Santa" had a magnadoodle for Valerie, and my mom bought one for her too. Weird stuff.

Christmas Morning Valerie woke up about 7ish cranky and crying. Poor baby was SO congested and snotty. We set up the video camera before getting her out of bed. Almost the instant she saw the presents that Santa had left, she quieted down. She stared and then started pointing at the toys... and ran over to her play kitchen to investigate. More "Oh wows" followed as she looked it all over. It was so neat watching her. We opened every box and just let her play with everything on the living room floor. Mostly she played during the day and had a good time, but she did her share of crying and whining from being so sick too. Poor baby.

And she's STILL pretty sick. She luckily isn't acting all that sick though. Her cough isn't as bad, but she sounds awful. And her poor nose is constantly running. She hasn't quite caught on how to "blow" yet either, so she's constantly whining "nose nose!" wanting us to wipe it. I brought her to my mom's to spend the day today, and she did fine according to them.

I had an O.B. appointment today. I saw the nurse practioner and she gave me some iron pills to try. She said I may be anemic and that's why I feel so tired / bad all the time. I go back next week for bloodwork to check it out. I'm so aggravated though... the office girl has my payment info all mixed up. I was told if I couldn't pay the $500 deductible, they usually waive it. So I said great! Who in their right mind would argue differently?! I would be responsible for a little over $300 of the bill and I had six payments of $68. Easy as can be to pay that so I paid half of the entire balance. Today there is a new girl at the desk, and she tells me that is all wrong. I have to pay the deductible, which brings the total to over $900! There's no such thing as waiving the deductible and the other person had it caculated wrong. So now basically we have to come up with the money all at once since I've barely paid $200, when we could have been paying on it all along!!! Grrrr.

Oh and GOOD NEWS ~ Ashely furniture called.... My furniture is in!!! They'll deliver Thursday!!!

A couple Christmas pictures. With Val being sick and me not feeling great, I really didn't take that many.

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  1. Yea, you will have new furniture before the new year! Glad at least they were able to give Val something; too bad she was sick for the 1st Christmas that she can remember.

    I also started a new blog, so be sure to check it out!