Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have the WORST customer service. The WORST delivery service. It's ridiculous. My furniture was scheduled for delivery between 2pm and 6pm yesterday. At 5pm, I received a call saying the delivery driver was running behind schedule but I would receive my furniture that day. At 7pm, another caller said the same thing - he was still late but I would receive my furniture that night. At 9:40 pm (yes that late) ANOTHER caller said the driver was 40-50 miles away, and would it be better to reschedule in the morning since it would be so late. I said fine, thinking nothing of it, and the caller said to expect delivery between 7-8am this morning.
Well..... 8:30am NO FURNITURE.
So I called to find out when it was coming. I was told dispatch was going to contact the driver and call me back. That call never came.
I called again at 11:30, and was told that THERE WERE NO TRUCKS COMING MY WAY!!!!! WTF??? And that my account was locked for 48 hours, and I would have to wait until tomorrow to call and re-schedule delivery. After a few more calls, Clint talking to several people, calling the New Orleans store directly a few times, we find out that the warehouse is in ALABAMA. MY FURNITURE WAS RETURNED TO ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE ANOTHER WEEK BEFORE DELIVERY CAN BE SCHEDULED AGAIN!!!!
After all the run around - we will probably cancel it. A manager is supposed to call back. Their only solution seems to wait another week, which is NOT acceptable. If they can't come up with something else, we are canceling it. I just don't want to deal with them.
So I have NO living room furniture. *cries* Valerie's party is in a little over a week, and we will have NO furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked this furniture too, and it took SO long to find something I liked.
If we go somewhere like Ashley Furniture, it takes a few weeks to come in. I really don't have the energy to go from store to store by myself looking either. *sigh* If nothing else, we can rent something temporairly until whatever we order comes in....
I am SO NOT HAPPY right now!!!!

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