Monday, December 11, 2006

Saturday morning we took family pictures at Olan Mills. Surprisingly, Valerie did great and smiled! A total turnaround from when we tried to get her picture last week. Having both of us there in the pic with her seemed to have helped. I only got one pose for the $5 package special.

Saturday night we went to our MOMS club Christmas party. It was great! All of the kids got a small gift and the adults played a game for gifts we brought. We had lots of food of course! Valerie had a blast. She was all over the house playing with the toys and other kids.

Yesterday I woke up feeling just awful. I don't know if it was something I ate at the party, lack of sleep, or just from being so busy lately. I felt bad all day. The furniture deal has me so stressed, there's so much I want to do before Val's party, and all the holiday stuff coming up too... I think mostly it's the furniture thing. I know there isn't anything to do about it, so I should just let it go. I just want everything for Val's party to be nice. Having a sofa won't make or break the party, but having an empty living room just seems awkward. We were supposed to borrow a sofa from someone, but that seems to have fallen through. I'm not sure what happened. My dad drove all the way here in his truck, but when we went to get it no one was home. And I had talked to her a few hours earlier and she said they weren't going anywhere. So, I kinda have the feeling she wasn't serious about loaning it to us... We may try to rent something this week.

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