Monday, December 18, 2006

Valerie's party went well! I think (hope!) everyone had a good time. Valerie got awesome gifts from everyone. I was so tired before the party even started. Everyone who said they were coming did! I think Valerie was a little confused about having so many people at her house. She did get a kick out of everyone singing happy birthday to her though. And she played a good bit with the kids. Her room was a total wreck by the time it was over. Literally every basket and her toybox had been emptied onto the floor. lol Clint did his Santa routine. He was going to come inside, but the look on Valerie's face when she saw him at the door made him decide to stay on the porch. It worked. The kids loved it - at least most of them did.

Once the party was over, I was so wiped out. I sat on the couch while a few friends helped clean up a bit. Last night I felt just awful! I have never been so drained in my life. I love the holidays, but in a way I will be glad when it's all over. Not that things will slow down... because we have several birthdays in January. February is our anniversary and Mardi Gras... then of course March is my dad's birthday, Clint's birthday, and Veronica will be here!!

We are hoping to have Val moved into her new room this week. All we need to find is a rug. I still want to get a few other things, but once we have a rug down we can move her bed. I hope it won't be too hard for her to adjust to sleeping in a new place. I ordered Veronica's crib today. I have looked and looked and looked... Finally I decided to just pick something. I got this one from Amazon for $247- free shipping.

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  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    We had a great time at the party Mel. I just wish i could have stayed to help clean that mess up, but Lana was so cranky and tired. She fell asleep before we got to Hwy. 182 and slept until 8p!! *sigh* But she had a blast. She's in love with that notepad thing you gave them as well as the pencil that was in the bag. She is upset with the yo yo because "It won't work." ROFLMAO. And, she's totally tuned into the DVD you burned .. we watched it 5 times in a row yesterday. I hope it works!

    Loved how Val's new room turned out .. Also love the bed you chose for Veronica.

    OH! Thought about you guys at work yesterday ... guy here ordered some furniture from ROOMS TO GO and has to wait 3 weeks because they could not find their house when delivering. The whole 48 hr thing was told to them as well. He's willing to wait, so that's his fault.

    Hope you guys have a great holiday. We look forward to fetting together with you guys next month after everything slows down.