Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well, yesterday feels like it was a completely wasted day. All I did was the stupid furniture crap and nothing else. I'm working on a complaint letter to the CEO of Rooms to Go. Not that it will do any good as from what I've found out they must get hundreds of complaints a day. But I want my complaint heard by somebody!!! In the mean time, my friend that bought my old furniture still has her old couch and loveseat. I'm not about to take my furnture back from her! So, we are going to maybe borrow her old couch for a couple weeks until my new stuff comes in. The only problem is the earliest Clint can access my dad's truck will be Sunday. So, until then we are furniture-less! RTG just better credit us back the $140 sales tax we paid on our furniture though. I've already filed a claim with Discover about it.

And I still have to figure out what to do about Val's party. I guess we'll look into borrowing some tables and chairs... I'm guessing about 25 guests will actually show. I'm just disappointed because I wanted my house to look nice for her party. I'm very particular about having people over and not having things out of place. So, having NO furniture is just... awkward. I guess we'll figure it out....

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