Saturday, December 30, 2006

We're all still pretty sick.

I'm SO congested and there isn't much medicine I can take. I'm trying not to take anything at all, but it's tough when you can't breathe!! I'm so tired. None of us have gotten much sleep the past few nights. Last night I tried EVERYTHING to unstop my nose and relieve the sinus pressure - hot shower, steam, vicks, menthol cough drops, more steam, warm compress, the vaporizer.... nothing made any difference at all. Finally about midnight I caved and squirted some Zicam. Instant relief and I was able to get a couple hours of sleep. The jury seems to be out on if Zicam use during pregnancy is safe or not... so I'm only going to use it as a last resort.

Clint is pretty sick too. At least he can take meds though. He slept on the air mattress in Valerie's old room because his snoring has been SO bad. I don't think he got much sleep because Valerie was up several times.

Valerie was doing better. Yesterday my parents came and she played outside in the wind for a couple of hours. Today, she's all congested again. She still has a horrible sounding cough and her runny nose is back. If we can stick it out until Tuesday, I'll be taking her to the doctor if she isn't better. Urgent Care wasn't much help last week, so there's no point in taking her there again.

We're invited to TWO New Year's Eve parties, and as of now it looks like we will miss them both.

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