Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What is it with people not saying thank you these days? Twice now... two different people for two different occasions... I have put a lot of thought into sending gifts. They were delivered, but the recipient never acknowledged them. And Yes, I KNOW they were received. I took the time to find something nice and these were $30 presents, not dollar store junk. A simple email saying "thanks for the package!" would be sufficient.

Valerie is back to her normal self today. I guess it was something she ate that made her sick yesterday. Either that or one of those short viruses. She was up a few times during the night asking for juice. She's eating fine and playing as usual.

I on the other hand don't feel that great. I wouldn't say I feel sick. I don't feel well either. I guess all the stress and frustration is taking it's toll on me. Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the playgroup's cookie swap. I made two batches of cookies, but I'm not sure if we are gonna make it. I want to go... we'll see.....


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Vomit and poopie bug is going around ... 48 hr. Highly contagious. Everyone here has had its turn with it but me and Euell isn't doing so hot either. Just warning you

  2. Sorry about the strange bug, hope it gets better soon.
    Sorry you're not feeling so great either...
    Sending you good vibes! :)