Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Still here... No baby news. Not much is happening. I'd been having contractions for weeks, but now they have all but stopped. Go figure. I still feel achey and there's LOTS of pressure. Baby is definitely dropping more. That's about it. I went walking yesterday and felt just AWFUL afterwards. Back to the doctor tomorrow....


In other drama, things have been tense aound the house again. Long story short, Clint is / was (?) still going to apply for a job in Houston... and wasn't going to tell me about it. Yes... secretly apply for another job 600 miles from home in hopes he'd get it. I don't know if he thought if he got the job I would magically change my mind about moving or what. Not going to happen. I can't figure out why he is pushing so hard to move. He really thinks Houston is the ideal place to live. I'm not about to leave the only home I know and the only family I have in this world because he thinks it's best. It's not. If the tables were turned... and Clint's mother were still here.... as ill as she was ..... there is NO WAY he would leave his only family here all alone. NO WAY he'd take the babies away from her. He was too much of a mamma's boy. He actually called me selfish... yelled at me, "why are you so selfish?" because I don't want to move. I was absolutely horrified to hear him call me that. I'm still really upset and hurt. It won't be forgotten easily. Forgive me if not wanting to leave home, give up our life here, and move my babies away from the only family they will ever have is "selfish." I actually left and spent the night at my mom's over him saying that. He hasn't even apologized.

*sigh* Not exactly how I want to spend the final days before the baby is born....

Monday, February 26, 2007

No baby yet!!! I go back Thursday. Blood pressure was better today. Not dilated any. Did a non-stress test and the baby is just fine. So we wait a little longer....

Sunday, February 25, 2007

37 weeks - YAY!

As of yesterday... officially I'm 37 weeks, FULL TERM! Veronica can come any time now. I'm still feeling pretty weird. The back pain is just awful! I feel it shooting down my legs at times. Just in general I feel worse than normal. No clue if it means anything or if it's just wishful thinking on my part! I didn't have any of this with Valerie. Then I was induced, so I didn't really feel what it was like for labor to start on it's own.

Oh well, we'll find out at my appointment tomorrow if there is any progress and go from there!!! IF I don't update by late tomorrow, it will possibly mean I was sent to the hospital again...

Yesterday some friends hosted a baby shower for us! We met at a local buffet restaruant and had lunch. I got such nice things for Veronica!! All things we needed and can use. I'm so glad to have such good friends. I wasn't expecting gifts, and especially not a shower!! It was a really good day. A funny little side note: When we told Valerie it was time to go bye bye, she paused and then said "Wal-mart!" LOL!!! Guess it's obvious where we shop for everything!

Valerie went home with my parents to spend the weekend. I was surprised my mom suggested the idea. My guess is they really enjoyed having her those few days while I was in the hospital. Hee hee. The house is so empty with out her!!! It's sooooo quiet and I can't figure out what to do with myself! I miss Val like crazy, but at the same time it feels good to have a break. Clint is supposed to finish the baby TO DO list. I plan on RESTING as much as possible.
Here's a couple of shower pics:

Friday, February 23, 2007

Something is definitely up. I feel really weird. I don't remember feeling like this towards the end with Val. Contractions are coming more frequently, stronger, and longer. I wouldn't say they are painful (yet), but they are way more uncomfortable than any Braxton Hicks I had with Val at this point. I feel achey all over. I'm so tired, yet SO restless at night. Even the cat is behaving strangly around me. She's constantly trying to lay against my belly and follows me around. She did the same thing in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Val. I guess my body is gearing up for the big moment. She just has to hold out until Monday when my doctor is back from vacation!!!

Last night we attended a baptism seminar at our church so we can baptize Veronica. I honestly could not tell you what it was about! I had quite a few uncomfy contractions in the hour we were there. And we had no choice but to bring Valerie with us. She was "good", about as good as you'd expect a 2 year old to be. She wasn't running up and down the aisle or anything, but she did fuss a bit and babbled away loudly. How embarrasing it was to have the church lady single us out mentioning that she could "talk over the little one." Not once... but a couple of times she said something about little kids making noise or being restless in church. Oops.

Tomorrow some friends are hosting a small couples baby shower for us. I was really surprised about it because I wasn't expecting gifts, muchless a shower!! It isn't normally done for second babies around here. We also have to finish the last few things on the baby TO DO list this weekend. I want to be ready because there's a good chance next week is IT!

Friday, February 16, 2007


A pic of my V-Day - Anniversary gifts... and Clint also gave me a subscription to a photography magazine.

Home from 24 hrs in the hospital.... VERY LONG!!

Home from the hospital! No baby yet though, which is good since it's still a tad bit early. At my appointment Wednesday, my blood pressure was WAY high when it was first checked. So I had my u/s done, which went great. Veronica is still 100% a Veronica! She's growing fine and close to 5lbs. We couldn't get a clear shot of her face, but it's still neat seeing her little arms and legs moving around. After the u/s, the nurse checked my BP again and it was normal. My doc came in and talked to me about my BP, and said at my next appointment we'd see how I was doing and make a decision then about inducing or waiting. She had me do a non-stress test before we left. Well, I had 5-6 good contractions while on the monitor for 15-20 mins. My doc said she couldn't send me home with the high BP and contracting like that... so it was off to Labor and Delivery for observation.

Luckily Valerie was already at my parents' house, so we didn't have to worry about what to do with her. And she did wonderful the whole time - she didn't even miss mommy and daddy!!

I ended up spending 26 hours being monitored. I had to do the 24 hr urine collection because of the high BP. I had contractions pretty much the entire night. Not really strong, but some were a little uncomfortable. The good news is Veronica is doing awesome! Her heart rate is excellent and she's moving around good. My BP was normal every single time they checked it. Yesterday about 9am my doc came in and said I was contracting like crazy, but nothing else was happening. She said I could either leave right then and finish the urine collection at home, but I'd have to bring it back that afternoon. OR I could stay at the hospital, and at 4:30 when the 24 hours was up, go home then. I decided to just stay since I knew I'd be able to just lie there and rest, where at home I'd probably end up trying to do too much.

WELL, when my doc left... it was vacation time for her. Her office is closed all next week, and the doctor on call at the hospital is overseeing her patients. The doc on call didn't want to discharge me!! I was so bored and so ready to go home. The contractions had stopped and my BP was fine, baby was fine, so they had no reason to keep me there. I had to wait and wait and wait. He not once came to actually SEE me or talk to me. He had a nurse check twice to see if I was dialting any - nope. We had to wait for the urine results to come back. I know they were just being precautionary, but still! MY doc who knows me already had given me the OK to go home at 9am! I was seriously considering just leaving, but finally a couple hours after I was supposed to go home the nurse came with my discharge papers.

And I have to say that my day nurse yesterday had no idea what she was doing. In her defense, she was just filling in. She was a GYN nurse, not a regular OBGYN nurse. She had trouble taking my BP though. And had no clue about hooking me up to the monitor. She kept turning the volume up since she couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat... umm she had the monitor in the wrong place on my belly! Then she forgot to bring me my lunch... Everyone else was great though.

SO anyway, what a way to spend most of Valentine's Day & our anniversary!! Everything is just fine. Baby is doing great. I'm ok. I have to rest and stay off of my feet, which I am TRYING to do as much as possible. I go back to the doc on Feb 26, so we'll see how things are and find out then if this will be a February baby!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Anniversary to my dear Husband! I love you! XOXOXOX

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone else!!

It's hard to believe four years have gone by already. It's amazing at how much has changed. How far we have come! Sure, we have our 'moments.' But I think we are lucky to be happily married when so many are not.

Valerie spent the night at her MeMe and Poppi's house. I am hoping she does okay and sleeps over there. Clint and I went on an adult only dinner date since we had a night alone. It was a nice break, but I miss my little girl!!! The house is strangely quiet with out her. Dinner was really nice and the food was good. We ate much later than usual though, which is why I am here at 2am updating. Lying down is giving me horrible reflux / heartburn issues. I'm so tired, yet I can't sleep because the acid reflux is so bad. I already took meds - two kinds, and I'm still sick, so I'm just waiting it out now... Another JOY to add to the list of being nearly 9 months pregnant.

I have an ultrasound at 3:00 today and I'll see my doctor after. Will update on that as soon as I can!

Monday, February 12, 2007

not a good day

OMG my child will NOT SLEEP!!!!

She was up until 10pm last night. Woke up at 1:00am, wide awake. DID NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP UNTIL AFTER 4:00am!!!!!! And it was probably close to 5:30 before I finally was able to go back to sleep. At 8:00am, she was up "mommy! mommy!" So, I had no choice but to get up too. And I felt *terrible.* I woke up with awful heart burn / reflux which made me run to the bathroom gagging. Valerie hunched in the corner crying the whole time becuause mommy wasn't tending to her and gettinb breakfast. Then came the nosebleed, to which Valerie responded to my bloody wad of tissue "oooooh strawberry! HI strawberry!" (Funny, yes.... )

Now it's way past her nap time and she is still bouncing off the walls. Literally bouncing around. Hopping. Galloping almost. Yelling. Singing. Refusing to lay down!! I don't know what has gotten into her. I need her to nap so I can nap too!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I completely forgot to post that the florist delivered flowers for me yesterday. ;-) A pre-Valentine's bouquet I guess!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

35 weeks!

35 weeks and counting.... whew. It's getting close now. Two more weeks and I'll be considered full term. I still feel awful. On top of that I feel huge and uncomfortable. I ache if I sit for too long or stand for too long. I can't get comfortable at night and don't sleep very well. My hips ache. My back hurts terribly. I think I am starting to waddle! Baby has definitely dropped lower. Hopefully that is a sign that she's getting ready. Every now and then the braxton hicks start, but it's just a few here and there. Is it terrible that I almost hope that my blood pressure stays just a tiny bit high so my doctor will say in TWO WEEKS ~ "lets have this baby!" As much as I am against being induced again, I would seriously do it in a heartbeat if it meant ending all of this a little bit sooner. Five more weeks to go seems like an eternity!! Heaven forbid if I go past 40 weeks... I am just so ready for this to be OVER so we can get on with our life and focus on our family!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Still really ticked about the dog..... I'm trying not to think about it but when I do I get really mad all over again.

I had a doctor's appointment today. My blood pressure was way up for me, which worried my doctor. I had to do a non stress test, which went just fine. My doc said it was the best she had seen all week! I have to do a 24 hr urine collection and go for blood work Friday. AND I'm to stay off of my feet as much as possible. No walking around Wal-Mart or anything, not that I do much of that anyway. I go back next Wednesday for an ultrasound and a regular appointment after.

So... not that I've been doing much lately, but I'll be doing even less now.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Busy day...

Busy day... but a productive day. I'm completely drained and HURT all over! I'm paying for all I did now. But we worked in both girls' room most of the afternoon and got SO much done. Slowly, we're getting there....

I'm 34 weeks today.... 6 weeks +/- to go....
A sneek peek at Veronica's room. She'll have miss-matched furniture until she outgrows the white chifferobe in a year or so. It belonged to my grandmother and dates back to the early 1900s. We used it for Val's tiny baby things, so I want to use it for Veronica too. We didn't put the crib bedding on yet either.

And FINALLY Valerie's new room. It's not quite finished either... but it was clean for a couple hours! lol

Valerie's picture I had printed to hang on her wall:

And her butterfly clock: