Sunday, March 04, 2007

counting down.... 9 hours to go....

I'm nervous.

And scared.



  1. Sending you loads of ELV.

    I don't think, honestly, that we can EVER go through labor as just something normal. It is a life changing event, it doesn't matter if it is the first or tenth time. It is never the same, just like two preggnancies are never alike.
    I am panicking as well, it never seems real.
    By this time you might have given birth already.
    How exciting!

  2. Hope everything is going well and you are holding Veronica in your arms.

  3. So, I bet you're busy and everything... But when do we get pics of the princess??

  4. Waiting ever so impatiently to see pics of Veronica. Sure you are extremely busy though, so we'll keep waiting and checking back often.