Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's hard to find the time to update these days. Between the two girls, I have no time for anything else! I am beginning to wonder if I will ever leave the house again. And if I will ever sleep again. If it's not Veronica, it's Valerie. One of them is always awake, crying, hungry, thirsty, dirty, whiny, or needing attention... wanting something. Valerie is all about "mommy mommy mommy!" and wants to be by my side all the time. On the rare occasion they are both asleep (like now), it isn't for long. And in that short time, I'm usually washing bottles, mixing formula, putting laundry to wash, folding clothes... or laying down trying to get a little bit of rest. So, my online time is very limited. It doesn't help that my laptop died, so I have to sit at the desk at my regular computer. The laptop with wireless was so nice, as I could sit anywhere watching the kids and still surf and read stuff online.

Veronica is still having reflux issues. She's vomited twice in the last day or so. We have the hardest time getting her to burp. It's usually the times when I just give up and lay her down that all the milk she just drank comes back up. She is growing and gaining weight though, as her newborn sleepers are getting small on her already. Oh, and she STILL has the thrush in her mouth. It was getting better, and I didn't give her the medicine as I should have, so it came back. Roni HATES the medicine and cries so much, but I know I have to give it to her...

Valerie is being so sweet. She's full of hugs and kisses for us lately. She loves her little sister. Her latest thing is rainbows. Everything that is multi-colored is a "rainbow _____." Rainbow towel. Rainbow pants. Rainbow rug. Anything arc shaped is also a rainbow. Neat how she associates these things with rainbows. Val is also in love with our new washer and dryer. Every time I have clothes washing (which is every day!), she says "hear it? round and round! hear it?" She loves to watch the clothes go round and round. Val talks SO much now, and I really wonder where and how she knows some of the things she does. TV I guess.

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