Tuesday, March 13, 2007


* The day before Veronica was born, our washing mashine died! It was leaking water all over - cracked pump housing. Our dryer has been on the verge of dying also.... so we opted for new stuff. We got a nice front loading washer and dryer. I love them! They better last a long time since they cost and arm and a leg.

* My laptop died today. The wireless card went out...

* Veronica is already so different than Valerie was at this age. For one, she eats so slowly! Valerie used to suck down those bottles in no time. Roni takes her sweet old time. And we often have to wake her a few times in the middle of a feeding since she tends to doze off. She is eating better though.

* Valerie is fascinated by Veronica's tiny fingers.

* Clint is going to Houston next week. I have no idea how I'll manage. I'm still recovering and hurt when I do too much.

* While I don't miss being PG, I do miss my baby belly.

* Yet I still feel sad knowing I'll never be PG again... never again feel those baby kicks.... sad that part of my life is over.

* I forgot how nice it is to sleep on my stomach! And be able to bend over! And shave my legs!

* It is going to take forever to lose this baby weight. It's more inches than pounds... I am already 8 lbs away from my pre-preg weight, but no where near the same size.

* I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my 1 week follow up.

* Hoping to give Veronica her first bath this afternoon.

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