Thursday, March 08, 2007

Veronica's Birth Story! ( the short version! lol )

Here's the "short" version of Veronica's birth. I'm working on a much longer, more detailed one for myself!

We checked into the hospital a little before midnight on Sunday. It took a little while to get settled. The nurses asked their usual thousand questions, got me set up with an IV, and hooked up to the monitors. It was 1:30am before my nurse got around to administering the Cervadil. I tried to rest, but it's hard to sleep in the hospital. Contractions started at some point during the early morning hours. At first they were uncomfortable, then they started to hurt a bit! My doctor checked me at 8:30am, and I was at 2cm! She said I could have my epidural when I was ready. It was way too early for that so I got out of bed every 30 mins to walk in hopes it would get things going. But nope, a few hours later, no change. My doctor said she could break my water and that would help things along. About 11:40 I opted to get my epidural before doing that because I knew what was coming! One of my biggest worries was that my epi would be the same as it was for Valerie - not strong enough. And of course, it was. Luckily the new women's center has an anesthesia department all to themselves, so my epi was adjusted right away. I think it was a bit too strong though, as one leg quickly became completely "dead" while the other was numb but I could move it. Right after my epi was increased, I felt REALLY bad - dizzy, light headed, weak, and I could barely talk. Clint called my nurse (who was wonderful BTW!) and she ran in telling me it was my blood pressure. The epidural had made my BP crash, so they had me turn over and gave me a shot of efedrin. It helped, but for a long time afterwards I felt weak, very sleepy, and a little out of it. About 12:40, my doctor broke my water.

So, I just sort of laid there for the next few hours trying to rest. I could still feel tightness of the strong contractions. No pain though. Still, not much else was happening. I had dilated to 4-5 cm, but it was progressing very slowly. About 4:00, pitocin was started to kick things in gear. For the next few hours, I just waited and watched the contractions on the monitor.

As the contractions got stronger, the baby's heart rate started to decel. The nurses had me turn from one side to the other over and over. But when each contraction peaked, her heart rate would drop off some. This went on for quite some time and I was really worried. My nurse said she hoped it meant the baby was coming down the birth canal. She checked, and found that I had a second bag of waters that hadn't broken. Weird! But the baby was lower, so there was progress! The next time I was checked .... 7 cm! Not much longer!! They started getting the room ready.

It just so happens there was another patient of my doctor's in the next room in labor who was 7 cm. My nurse told me to let them know if I felt any pressure before my doctor got back to me. Soon after I had a big contraction and felt pressure. I wasn't sure if that was "it" though. Then I had another even bigger contraction with major pressure. At the same time, the baby's heart rate slowed way, -way- down and stayed there. Three nurses ran in telling me to roll on my other side NOW, and it really freaked me out!! I told my nurse about the pressure I felt with each contraction, and she said I was probably ready! The baby probably dropped all the way down, and that was why hear heart slowed. Sure enough, I was 10cm and the baby was right there. And my doctor was delivering another baby!!! My nurse said breathe through the contractions and don't push! The pressure was so intense!! I held on to the bed rail and Clint's hand for dear life with each wave praying my doctor would hurry. It was about 8:15 pm.

Much sooner than I anticipated in walks my doctor. The other baby had come pretty fast! So she puts on her scrubs and they get me situated in a birthing position. I pushed for about 5-7 contractions, 3 counts of 10 on each. It took about 30-40 mins and with the help of the vacuum, Veronica was born at 8:47 pm! 7 lbs, 6.5 oz (bigger than Valerie!!), 18.5" long. My doctor said if she had been any bigger, there was no way she would have fit. Inducing when we did was the right thing to do because she would have easily been over 8 lbs if I had gone to term!!

I have to say it was such a great experience in comparison to how hard Valerie's birth was. We came home Wednesday. We had to spend an extra day in the hospital because the pediatrician on call didn't think Veronica had eaten enough. The next day, we had to wait even longer because they said she had spit up some of her formula. (don't all babies do that!!?) She does have a bit of jaundice, but we took her to our regular pediatrician today and she's just fine.

I'm doing pretty good. I feel so much better than when I was PG, even with all the postpartum stuff going on. I'm tired a lot due to the pain meds I'm taking (Tylenol 3), but I hope to be off of those in the next day or so. Valerie is still adjusting. When Roni cries, Val is right there "matter baby? matter onica? okay baby?" But I can tell that she is confused and maybe a bit jealous. I'm trying to pay as much attention to Val as possible, but it's tough. I'm sure we'll figure it out though.

I'll post more Veronica pictures soon!! Believe it or not, I really haven't taken that many yet. Bad momma!!!

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  1. I'm really glad Veronica's birth was much easier. While reading this, I'm thinking I don't think I could handle giving birth. Thank goodness, we're adopting. The wait will be terribly tough, but no giving birth, no contractions, no stretch marks. Some of us just weren't made for pregnancy and giving birth!