Saturday, March 03, 2007

We went grocery shopping today for the week. And we're cleaning a bit, decluttering. I know I'll feel better coming home to a clean(er) house than a mess!

I'm starting to feel really anxious about being induced. Nervous. I went through it with Valerie, and made it okay, but it wasn't exactly "fun." But really, is giving birth ever pleasant?! lol! I'm just panicking about the whole thing. I just hope it goes as quickly as it did with Valerie. And the baby is okay... I'm okay. Even though I've been knowing for 9 months a baby is coming, it still doesn't seem real. Are we ready? How on earth am I gonna manage TWO kids? How will Valerie handle being a big sister?! Lots and lots of questions and worries running through my mind .... I keep hearing the second baby is easier. I sure hope that is true!!

It still doesn't seem that the day after tomorrow (as long as everything goes according to plan) I'll be holding Veronica!! In a way I'm sad that I wasn't able to enjoy being pregnant. I really wish I would have felt better. I would have liked to savor each moment instead of wishing it all away. It's bittersweet that this chapter of my life is over since I will never do this again. Yet I am looking forward to focusing on raising my babies and enjoying our family.

Well... We check into the hospital tomorrow at midnight. The next time I update should be to share pictures of our new addition!!

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  1. Oh, how exciting! I hope everything is quick, easy, and as painless as possible! Can't wait to see Veronica's pictures and here her birth story!