Monday, June 04, 2007

The time has come....

It's time. Valerie is 2-1/2 and still stuck on the pacifier. Mostly she uses it to sleep. But there are days when she cries for it ALL the time. It's a comfort thing, a habit. She calls it a "nigh nigh", we guess from telling her it was time to go night night. It's also her "rainbow nigh nigh" because it's two colors - she loves rainbow anything. One day last week I had enough. She was whining "want Valerie rainbow nigh nigh!" over and over and over. I told her she was going in time out, put her in bed, put the rail up, and closed her door. She screamed and screamed for 50 minutes. Not for her nigh nigh, but screeching "lay down momma and daddy's bed!" She cried herself to sleep. So, I thought hmmm so she CAN sleep with out the paci. The next day, I decided no paci during the day ~ only at night. At nap time, she cried for 20 mins. then went to sleep. The next day, she cried for 5 mins. Yesterday, she cried a bit longer but slept for two solid hours!!

SO, last night we decided to give it a try. We kept Val occupied and about 9:00 she started "want rainbow nigh nigh." I ignored her and distracted her. Eventually she had a BIG meltdown. I put her in our bed, and grabbed a cheap paci from the dollar store we had laying around. I snipped a hole in the tip so that it would be different and less appealing. She popped it in her mouth, took it out, then giggled... "pink nigh nigh." Held it in her hand, rolled over and slept almost all night long!! At 5:30 she started calling for her rainbow nigh nigh, but we calmed her down and she went back to sleep. So for the first time in her life, she slept with out her beloved pacifier.

Hopefully I can stick to it... and hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the paci!!!

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