Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blast from my past....

News is that the baby had the cord wrapped 2 times around her neck. She was full term....
I. Just. Can't. Even. Imagine.....


In other totally unrelated news....

An old (sort of) boyfriend googled me and "found" me yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from him in my inbox. Gosh, it brought back SO many good memories from younger days... I was completely crushed when he moved back home to Florida. I honestly thought at the time that was the end of it... Years later, we were still in touch on a regular basis! He was such a good friend and it meant so much that he kept in touch. I got flowers every Valentine's Day. I even flew to meet him in Orlando for a weekend at Disney World.... I wanted to visit him in Miami, but it just never happened. Time and distance eventually got the best of us and gradually it got longer and longer in between phone calls. Next thing I knew he called to tell me he had gotten married! I had just started dating Clint at that time... I think we exchanged a couple of emails since then, and that was it...

He was one of those special people that only comes along once in a blue moon. Anyway, I gave him our number and he called last night to catch up. He sounds exactly the same as he did so many years ago... It was pretty cool talking to him and hearing about life... his family... wife and kids.... He was one of those people that I've always wondered what happened to. Pretty awesome to know the answer! It made my day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

shocking news...

My mom read in the paper today that one of my long lost friends had baby girl #3 and the baby died at birth. How very very sad... I can't imagine. I am wondering if she was premature or something.... but I have no way of knowing what happened.

It's Cherie... for those of you who remember her....

I have seen her twice since our wedding 4-1/2 years ago. I had all kinds of trouble getting her to do things for our wedding and had to write her a letter snail mail to get her to order her dress!! She vanished after we got married and didn't return phone calls or answer emails. I was back in touch with her while I was PG with Valerie. She made a HUGE deal about us calling her to come to the hospital for her birth. Of course when the time came, she didn't show. In fact, she has N E V E R even seen Valerie. We emailed a few times while I was PG with Veronica. In her last message, she told me she was going to New Orleans (2 hours away) to see another friend's three week old baby. I live 20-30 minutes from her, and she has been "too busy" to come see Valerie who is almost three years old??? But when someone else has a baby, she has time to drive 2 hours to visit at the first chance... and couldn't come see us at all. So.... I didn't respond to her email. That was that.

Still... very sad to hear that happened. No one should ever experience that. I'm going to send her a card tomorrow.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Story behind THE Dress

Some of you may know/remember this...

My grandma had a dream that I had a baby girl. This was way before I had gotten married. I think we were engaged and planning our wedding. Valerie wasn't even a thought yet! My grandma dreamed I had a baby girl dressed in the prettiest pink lacy dress. For days she went on and on about the dream and described the dress. Well, she died not long after our wedding.

At my baby shower for Valerie, my mom gave me a special box she kept separate from all the other gifts. In it was THE pink dress, which she had sewn as close as she could have as per my grandma's descriptions. A dress more or less, FROM my grandma.

Valerie in THE dress - who was about 6 - close to 7 - months old!

Veronica... and the dress just about fits at 4-1/2 months... (I haven't a clue what happened to the bonnet!)

And of course I can't leave Valerie out! 2-1/2 years old...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is what happens when you let a 2-1/2 year old paint your nails.

Staying busy busy busy...

I have LOTS of pictures of the kids to post.... once I find the "time."

I'm so tired lately. It's like I can't catch up on sleep. Sleepy all the time... no energy at all. Just exhausted. My house is a disaster. Dirty disaster. Clothes are piling up. Dishes are piling up...

We joined Body Elite (again) Monday! I've only gone once, and the kids did "okay" in the daycare. That is the one good thing about the YMCA - awesome free babysitting. Body Elite is kind of iffy at times.... But I love the gym set up at Body Elite, and it is more for me than the kids, right????? Plus the Y is $60 / month... Paying by the year, Body Elite equals out to only $46 or so, for BOTH of us.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I guess all the locals have heard the Brad and Angelina rumors. One of Clint's good friends is married to a lawyer. And one of her good friends is the "mistress" (yes) of the owner of the house Brad and Angelina supposedly bought. Some ranch on 308 in Raceland... Another friend told me that someone she knows claims that Brad had applied for a gun permit in Lafourche Parish. Interesting to think that such big movie stars are/might be living a few minutes from here.... There must be some truth to it with all the rumors!!

We've been staying pretty busy. Wednesday I took Valerie to Jumping Kids with some friends from our playgroup. She LOVED it!!! Val wore herself out. I'd like to have her birthday party there, IF I can rationalize spending that much on a 3 year old's party!!!
Thursday was my mom's birthday (see her cake?) Valerie woke up whining her belly hurt. She kept wanting me to kiss it or rub it, then would announce "all better." She'd act normal, then go back to her belly hurting. Then she threw up all over. After that, she was just as hyper as ever. But every now and then she'd start screaming and crying that she hurt. Me and the kids went to my mom's in the afternoon. Valerie was acting fine, so we went to dinner at Tampico's. Veronica did not like being there at all. Too much noise... too bright.... too many people? She screamed almost the entire time we were there. I sat there holding her most of the evening while everybody else ate.

Friday was "Dad's night out." Clint got together with the guys to play poker. Mom's and kids got together for a night "in." The guys had a great time over all. I didn't enjoy myself at all. Most of my night was spent holding Veronica. I wasn't able to eat, drink, or participate in the games. I just sat off in a dark, "quiet" corner by myself. Again, the noise and lights were too much for Veronica. She was fussy and fighting her sleep. *sigh* It's not much fun for me going anywhere when I'm spending the whole time just holding her away from everyone. I don't know why she is so sensitive. It's not like we tiptoe around her at home. I hope she grows out of this.

Saturday was "Mom's night out" though, so it was Clint's turn to deal with fussy kids!!! Dinner wasn't until 7:30, but I left the house at 4:00 to go to the mall. I took my time and walked around. Bought a few things. Some of my friends also going to dinner were there. I made a quick trip to Target, then headed to Samuari Dragon. I had never been there before. I don't really care for Chinese, but it was actually pretty good. We had the BEST time!!!! It was such a fun night with the girls. We laughed so much. I felt bad though because when I checked on Clint, Veronica was not doing well with me being away. She's so used to me holding her, feeding her, changing her.... I can usually calm her with in a few minutes when no one else can. I feel guilty, but I was so glad to get a break from it all. Nobody ever tells you how hard it is to be a mom.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

What is it with people who feel they have to YELL all the time? Talk in a normal voice people! And when there's a baby screaming and crying due to all the chatter/noise, DO NOT sit next to me then HOLLER at someone across the house!!! Nicely I said several times "the noise is too much for her. It's too noisy and she's tired." And not 5 seconds later, someone with in arms distance was YELLING. *sigh*

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Veronica rolled over last night, from back to tummy. She still had her arm stuck under her, but other than that she was all the way over.

Melliemelo Cakes is born?

I swear I am not starting a cake business. Really, I'm not.

Why then... between July and August I will have had FIVE cakes to make?


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Veronica's 4 month well baby was today. She's 24 1/4" long (50%) and 15 lbs (75%)!! Chunky! I asked about the birthmark on her head. It's slowly growing. The Dr. doesn't think it will grow outward much more, but it may get bumpier. Usually they go away by age 5-7, and her hair should cover it.

She got 3 shots... just awful!! Valerie always took them in stride and was over it with in 30 seconds. Veronica went CRAZY. She was fuming mad. Screaming, flailing her arms and legs. I have never seen her like this for so long. It was a good 15 minutes before she stopped crying, and a while longer before she settled down completely.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


My little doodlebug is 4 months old already! She's growing so fast. I have been able to get a few giggles out of her and a few small squeals. Any day now she'll be rolling over. She gets all the way on her side, but hasn't made a complete roll yet.
Fourth of July was great! We had 30+ people over for our annual party. We got lucky and missed the majority of the rain, so the kids were able to play outside. The rain we did get cooled it off enough so it wasn't too bad sitting outside! Valerie had a great time with all the kids. We had a TON of good food.

Only one person who RSVP'd yes didn't show. And there was another person who had no idea what she had RSVP'd for. Even though the invitation said 2:00, she seemed to think we were having a night time party. She IM'd me at 5:00 wanting to know if the party was still on for that night. (Why wouldn't it be??) She finally got here as everyone else was leaving. Then asked "what time is it?" And was in shock that it was "so late"... 7pm.... she thought it was around 3:00. HUH??????? Don't you have a clock? It was getting DARK!
I made my first cake "for" someone. I usually make birthday cakes for us, but never for anyone else. I was so stressed about it not coming out right. It came out pretty good, over all. Considering I made it while dealing with two crying kids. Everybody at the party seemed to like it.


Lana's party was today. Can't believe she is four already. Funny though that she and Valerie are about the same size! And Val is only TWO! We had such a good time! Valerie enjoyed being around all the kids.


I don't know what is wrong with my husband. I had a lovely time SCREAMING and CURSING at him trying to get him to DO SOMETHING. He went outside to switch the car seats and 25 minutes later he was STILL out there chit chatting with the 13 year old kid who lives in the back. It was time to leave and I surely didn't want to be late for the party as I had the CAKE. Veronica was crying. She spit up and needed to be changed. Valerie was whining. She needed a diaper change and shoes put on. I still needed to throw a few things in the diaper bag. Load the car. Get the cake out the fridge and into the box. Strap Veronica in her carrier. Etc. And it was TIME to leave. I had to bang on the window to get him inside. And scream "Why do I have to F------ do everything every F------ time we go somewhere?" I had to start getting dressed at 10 am for a 2:oo party. Did he help me get the kids ready at all? NO. Did he pack a thing? NO. I am sick and tired of him doing whatever he wants and I'm stuck doing EVERYTHING for me and the girls while he does NOTHING. He has gotten SO lazy since his surgery. He barely puts a dish in the dishwasher anymore. It's ridiculous that I have to scream at him (in front of the 13 year old kid at that) to get him to start MOVING.

Honestly, he has all the signs of depression. He sleeps in his clothes. I have to tell him to brush his teeth. He'll go days with no shower. He shows no interest in anything. He's so out of it sometimes. Even poor Valerie will sit there and say "daddy, please - pleeease daddy - whatever" over and over and over. He doesn't even respond... it's like she's not there. How can he ignore her? Like tonight we were trying to brush her teeth. "daddy more toothpaste? daddy more toothpaste please?" Over and over. It was in his arms reach. Did he get it? No. Did he respond? No. I don't get it.

He needs to snap out of it. If I'm depressed? So what... guess what... the kids are still here needing care. The house is still here. I'm sick? I'm tired? SO WHAT. Nothing stops for me. So it's not fair that he can ignore them/us when he wants to.