Sunday, July 22, 2007

I guess all the locals have heard the Brad and Angelina rumors. One of Clint's good friends is married to a lawyer. And one of her good friends is the "mistress" (yes) of the owner of the house Brad and Angelina supposedly bought. Some ranch on 308 in Raceland... Another friend told me that someone she knows claims that Brad had applied for a gun permit in Lafourche Parish. Interesting to think that such big movie stars are/might be living a few minutes from here.... There must be some truth to it with all the rumors!!

We've been staying pretty busy. Wednesday I took Valerie to Jumping Kids with some friends from our playgroup. She LOVED it!!! Val wore herself out. I'd like to have her birthday party there, IF I can rationalize spending that much on a 3 year old's party!!!
Thursday was my mom's birthday (see her cake?) Valerie woke up whining her belly hurt. She kept wanting me to kiss it or rub it, then would announce "all better." She'd act normal, then go back to her belly hurting. Then she threw up all over. After that, she was just as hyper as ever. But every now and then she'd start screaming and crying that she hurt. Me and the kids went to my mom's in the afternoon. Valerie was acting fine, so we went to dinner at Tampico's. Veronica did not like being there at all. Too much noise... too bright.... too many people? She screamed almost the entire time we were there. I sat there holding her most of the evening while everybody else ate.

Friday was "Dad's night out." Clint got together with the guys to play poker. Mom's and kids got together for a night "in." The guys had a great time over all. I didn't enjoy myself at all. Most of my night was spent holding Veronica. I wasn't able to eat, drink, or participate in the games. I just sat off in a dark, "quiet" corner by myself. Again, the noise and lights were too much for Veronica. She was fussy and fighting her sleep. *sigh* It's not much fun for me going anywhere when I'm spending the whole time just holding her away from everyone. I don't know why she is so sensitive. It's not like we tiptoe around her at home. I hope she grows out of this.

Saturday was "Mom's night out" though, so it was Clint's turn to deal with fussy kids!!! Dinner wasn't until 7:30, but I left the house at 4:00 to go to the mall. I took my time and walked around. Bought a few things. Some of my friends also going to dinner were there. I made a quick trip to Target, then headed to Samuari Dragon. I had never been there before. I don't really care for Chinese, but it was actually pretty good. We had the BEST time!!!! It was such a fun night with the girls. We laughed so much. I felt bad though because when I checked on Clint, Veronica was not doing well with me being away. She's so used to me holding her, feeding her, changing her.... I can usually calm her with in a few minutes when no one else can. I feel guilty, but I was so glad to get a break from it all. Nobody ever tells you how hard it is to be a mom.

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  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    The Brad rumor is just a rumor --- an old rumor -- Euell's dad (and uncle)works for the lawyer that owns the house (and they also built the boat for him too) you are talking about and the house is still for sale ... ALL RUMOR.

    Sry ..

    Also the rumor that they are buying the Maples camp in GI is false ... we heard that one too and it's a falsehood.