Saturday, July 07, 2007


My little doodlebug is 4 months old already! She's growing so fast. I have been able to get a few giggles out of her and a few small squeals. Any day now she'll be rolling over. She gets all the way on her side, but hasn't made a complete roll yet.
Fourth of July was great! We had 30+ people over for our annual party. We got lucky and missed the majority of the rain, so the kids were able to play outside. The rain we did get cooled it off enough so it wasn't too bad sitting outside! Valerie had a great time with all the kids. We had a TON of good food.

Only one person who RSVP'd yes didn't show. And there was another person who had no idea what she had RSVP'd for. Even though the invitation said 2:00, she seemed to think we were having a night time party. She IM'd me at 5:00 wanting to know if the party was still on for that night. (Why wouldn't it be??) She finally got here as everyone else was leaving. Then asked "what time is it?" And was in shock that it was "so late"... 7pm.... she thought it was around 3:00. HUH??????? Don't you have a clock? It was getting DARK!
I made my first cake "for" someone. I usually make birthday cakes for us, but never for anyone else. I was so stressed about it not coming out right. It came out pretty good, over all. Considering I made it while dealing with two crying kids. Everybody at the party seemed to like it.


Lana's party was today. Can't believe she is four already. Funny though that she and Valerie are about the same size! And Val is only TWO! We had such a good time! Valerie enjoyed being around all the kids.


I don't know what is wrong with my husband. I had a lovely time SCREAMING and CURSING at him trying to get him to DO SOMETHING. He went outside to switch the car seats and 25 minutes later he was STILL out there chit chatting with the 13 year old kid who lives in the back. It was time to leave and I surely didn't want to be late for the party as I had the CAKE. Veronica was crying. She spit up and needed to be changed. Valerie was whining. She needed a diaper change and shoes put on. I still needed to throw a few things in the diaper bag. Load the car. Get the cake out the fridge and into the box. Strap Veronica in her carrier. Etc. And it was TIME to leave. I had to bang on the window to get him inside. And scream "Why do I have to F------ do everything every F------ time we go somewhere?" I had to start getting dressed at 10 am for a 2:oo party. Did he help me get the kids ready at all? NO. Did he pack a thing? NO. I am sick and tired of him doing whatever he wants and I'm stuck doing EVERYTHING for me and the girls while he does NOTHING. He has gotten SO lazy since his surgery. He barely puts a dish in the dishwasher anymore. It's ridiculous that I have to scream at him (in front of the 13 year old kid at that) to get him to start MOVING.

Honestly, he has all the signs of depression. He sleeps in his clothes. I have to tell him to brush his teeth. He'll go days with no shower. He shows no interest in anything. He's so out of it sometimes. Even poor Valerie will sit there and say "daddy, please - pleeease daddy - whatever" over and over and over. He doesn't even respond... it's like she's not there. How can he ignore her? Like tonight we were trying to brush her teeth. "daddy more toothpaste? daddy more toothpaste please?" Over and over. It was in his arms reach. Did he get it? No. Did he respond? No. I don't get it.

He needs to snap out of it. If I'm depressed? So what... guess what... the kids are still here needing care. The house is still here. I'm sick? I'm tired? SO WHAT. Nothing stops for me. So it's not fair that he can ignore them/us when he wants to.

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  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    We loved the cake .. the look, the taste, the EVERYTHING! We literally had 4 pieces left (well, now three -- I had breakfast (= haha) ..

    Did you have pictures from the party as I was too LOST to realize that I did not take any at all -- ahem .. 3rd year in a row I do this) ... my poor child will have no photo memories of her parties at the rate I am going.

    Again, we LOVED the cake and thought it was fantastic -- no reason to stress because it came out FINE! (= Looking forward to calling you up next year if you are wanting to do it again .....

    Beyond that lil' boy outburst and attitude ... the cake was the hit of the party ... (my father in law ate like 6 pieces alone) ... THANKS!!!!