Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another year...

35 ... 35 ... 35 ... is just a number....

So they say.

Here it is after 2pm on my birthday. I've gotten tons of happy birthday messages from friends via myspace, emails, yahoo IM... I even got birthday wishes from a few people I haven't had contact with in months. It's nice knowing so many people remembered and thought about me today.. so thanks to all of you!

On the other hand... guess who I have not heard from...

Clint, of course.

No happy birthday. No acknowledgment whatsoever. Nothing. Yes, he remembered as he told me last night he has two gifts on order that haven't come in yet. But honestly, is it so hard to take 10 seconds to type "happy birthday" and click send... Or pick up the phone and say "I just have a minute but I wanted to wish you happy birthday... have a good day!" I don't know why I'm surprised. He did the same thing last year. The year before. And the year before that... And yes, each year I let him know how much it bothered me to be greeted with silence from him. Sure, when he gets home at 6 pm tonight he'll be all "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" But the day will be almost over. My birthday is over at that point. He never asked what I was doing today. Or if I wanted to do anything or go out to dinner tonight. Nothing. So, I'm really disappointed that again this year I get nothing from him. Two simple words at some point today would have made all the difference in my day. Instead, I'm sitting here mad and feeling forgotten. It's too much for him to be bothered to take 30 seconds and "say" two simple words to me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

YAY for Valerie!!!

Big news! Valerie used the potty twice! Yesterday I ran across her "Once Upon a Potty" DVD and decided to put it on. Val had watched it a few times when we first got it, and then it was shoved to the bottom of the pile. It's one of those DVDs that automatically repeats, so it was pretty much on all afternoon long. After her bath, I usually let her run around naked for a bit. Last night she was watching the potty DVD, and ran in babbling something about "Pee pee on potty?" I just figured she was commenting on the movie, but I told her to sit on the potty if she needed to go. She ran in the bathroom, and a few minutes later ran back out bouncing all around yelling, "Pee pee in potty!!!" over and over. And sure enough, SHE HAD!!!! All by herself!!!! I couldn't believe it. Of course we made a huge deal over it and fawned all over her.

Today I kept asking her if she wanted to sit on the potty. Her answer was always, "NO momma NO!" This afternoon I put on the Potty DVD again and stripped Valerie down to nothing. I kept asking her if she needed to sit on the potty. And eventually she did a few times. After a while she asked for a diaper, but I managed to coax her into staying on the potty. And she pooped!! In the potty!!! Yay! After that we had a "potty party" and she got her promised party hat, cake, and ice cream. Hey, if it works.....!!

I know we have a long ways to go... but it's a start! Hopefully I can keep working with her on the potty concept and have her trained before her 3rd birthday! *crossing fingers*

**** UPDATE**** Val did it again tonight! All on her own!! She climbed out the bathtub and before I could even wrap her in a towel she says, "I pee pee in potty again!" And she did!!!! Then she jumped around and said, "mommy and daddy happy!" LOL!!! And we had to have yet another potty party...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ah... Sisters!!

We had the best time playing with the girls last night. I was rocking Veronica in her room feeding her and talking to her. Valerie dragged Clint in and made him sit on the floor. Then she brought in one of her dolls and made us sing. She likes for us to sing songs that have motions with them. Her favs "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" or "The Hokey Pokey." Val usually tells me to sing and makes Clint move the doll to do the dances too. Just that in itself is pretty funny! Veronica was watching and grinning at her silly sister last night. Valerie started jumping an dancing all over and Veronica started laughing! Not just baby laughs... but big loud belly laughs!! The more Val bounced, the more Roni laughed!! And the more Roni laughed, the more Val bounced!! It was the sweetest thing. I can only imagine what those two are gonna get into when they're older.


Look what I discovered in my living room:Look, momma! Look... big mountain! Big, BIG mountain," she says...

Yes, that is (nearly) an entire box of Special K cereal. Nicely smashed on the rug.

"I like strawberries! I like it, momma!" says Valerie.

Which is obvious, since she ATE all the strawberries and left the cereal.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

She did it!! Veronica rolled from her back to tummy TWICE all by herself! yay!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just dropping off a pic of my latest cake! It was for our good friends Angel and Jeff's baby shower for my godchild to be! White layers, half strawberry, half pineapple, almond buttercream icing. The candy accents are white chocolate mint. The bears are made of fondant. They came out pretty cute, considering it was my first try at fondant figures. It was A LOT of work!! But I got lots of compliments and everyone said it was yummy.

ETA: I forgot to tell the story of Valerie and the bears. I made the bears weeks ago and they have been sitting on my counter. Almost every day, Valerie wanted to see the bears and "talk" to them. She would cry if she couldn't see them. She'd wave at them. "hi bear!!" Blow kisses. Sing "happy birthday bear!" And for some reason, she'd go "awww bear happy!!" I don't know how she comes up with this stuff. I guess now I have to make another bear just for her!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our Internet was down for 3 days. Aggravating!! The whole city was down, so at least we weren't the only ones.

Veronica has just about slept through the night several times in a row!!! If I wake her and feed her around 10pm, she will sleep through until 5 or 6am. She has also been turning on her aquarium all by herself. I'm not sure if it's accidental or what, but she loves that thing. She's been sleeping with her hand stretched out resting on the button! STILL no rolling or cereal. She may have gotten down a few bites of cereal yesterday, but she spit most of it out.

I don't know where Valerie comes up with the stuff she does. She has such a good memory. Just out of the blue she'll start focusing on something she hasn't seen or done in months. We were driving down the street, and all of a sudden she said, "Momma, watch acorn? Pooooooor Scrat." And repeat x 50. Translation: she wants to watch Ice Age, lol. Same thing with toys that are picked up and out of sight. Or games we played ages ago. She woke up screaming one morning wanting to "watch the dinosaur." ??? We were clueless. FINALLY I figured out it was a Baby Genius DVD with a cartoon dino in the credits. She also has been coming up to me saying "momma, you so silly." LOL!

I've been going to the gym 5 days a week for 3 weeks now. It's been 2 months since I've started exercising. I was going to the Y 3 days a week and now the gym. This weight is just not coming off!! I tried on some old clothes last night and everything is just way too small. Even things I wore right after Valerie are too small. So depressing and frustrating. It just about kills my motivation because it is going to take so long.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I was going through some old files looking for a song I recorded years ago (it seems to have vanished) and I ran accross some old pictures. Who knew that we'd be where we are now...

One of our very first pics.... taken with the crappy web cam I used to have
(see how straight my hair was... why did it turn into this curly mess!?)

ACK me with bangs!!!

Here they were growing out... and such a pain.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

AT& T / Bellsouth customer service reps are idiots.

LAST month, there were some "extended area" charges on our bill that were questionable. I emailed about it, and got a prompt response and a list of the phone numbers. A few were local calls - Wallgreens, our pediatrician's office, and a local cell of a friend.

THIS month, bill dated August 2, we again have $14.33 of "extended area" charges. I know there is no way we made that many out of area calls. Maybe a few to my mom... that's about it. So, again, I requested the list of phone numbers.

First reply -- Starting in September, the detailed billing info and numbers will be printed on my bill.


I ask again for the list of numbers for the current charges.

Second reply -- Local call information for incoming and outgoing calls is only available by suphoena.

Ummm NO, I explain am not looking for that and that I was given the info last month upon request. I am looking for the numbers for the expanded area charges on our August 2 bill.

Third reply -- These numbers won't be available until September.

WTF? I forget what I replied... something nicely requesting the info AGAIN.

Fourth reply -- The numbers for calls made in August will be available for your September bill.

OMG!!! You mean, AT&T isn't psychic??? They can't give me a list of numbers I will call this month -- NOW??

Really, how stupid is that??? Still going round and round with them. Idiots.

Venting my frustrations...

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is being second guessed. Especially when it's a subject that I am fairly knowledgable in. I do not like being talked "down" to. ESPECIALLY when I know what I am doing. It is really annoying to have someone question every move I make. Or to have someone tell me I need to do it "this way", when I know my way is much better. (Am I dealing with a control freak? I think so.) I am trying SO hard to be nice and not give a smart ass answer. The only way to do that is to NOT say anything at all!! I am so tempted to just walk away and say YOU can do it yourself since you seem to know "better."

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A small miracle.... BOTH girls are sleeping and it's *only* 9pm!!!

Veronica is being SO clingy and needy. I'm pretty sure she's teething. But the constant whining and crying is driving me nuts. The only time she's calm / quiet is when she's eating, sleeping, or being held. I'm trying to comfort her... but it's impossible to hold her all the time. I have to put her down and just let her cry at some point. I find myself getting so aggravated with her and I don't want to be! She is just SO sensitive to everything, which is so opposite of our tough girl Valerie. I guess it's going to be payback, as I drove my mom nuts as I was overly sensitive to all kinds of crazy things as a kid.
We've been going to the gym every morning. Yay! Valerie is doing okay in the daycare. I was a little worried at how she would handle it. She did fine for a few days, cried a few days... But overall she is playing. Veronica, eh..... she does her usual whining and crying the whole time. *sigh* The girl babysitting is awesome. I really hope she sticks around for a while, at least until Val adjusts to going there. I really like going to Body Elite WAY more than the YMCA. I'm hoping (wishing) that since I was in "decent" shape before that it won't take as long to drop this weight. After Valerie, it was over a year before most of my old clothes fit. Some never did. I do know that I was much smaller at this point after Valerie, though. It's really depressing when I try on clothes and see just how much too small they are. I have to lose about 5-6" in my waist for anything to ever fit again. Veronica is almost 5 months old.... and I haven't lost a single pound. With in 8 days after her birth, I was down 20 lbs. And now, I am 5 pounds over that! Yeah... somehow I've gained weight. I know if I stick with it and keep going to the gym, I'll see results. I just keep thinking about how long it's probably going to take..... and that is so discouraging.