Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

It's been a busy week... kids are on the mend finally with just a little bit of a lingering runny nose / cough.

Monday I took the girls to our playgroup's Halloween activity at the library. The kids all wore their costumes and were so cute. We made a pumpkin bear thingy for the fridge. Then we trick or treated and gave candy to the kids. Valerie LOVED it!! She was so excited. After, my mom and I took her to Mc Donald's then to the mall. Valerie had such a good day, all day! No meltdowns or whining at all.

She's on the kick calling me her mommy puppy. It came from me drying her off after her bath. I had her head covered with a towel, and as I was drying her hair, I kept saying how I had to dry this little puppy off... then I'd say OH silly me, that's Valerie.. not a puppy! And she'd laugh. She "dried" my arms, and asked if I was a momma puppy. Of course I am! She wrapped her little arms around me and said, "I love my momma puppy." I just melted.... my sweet little girl!!

Last night we attempted going to the Krewe of Cleopatra Trick or Treat in the courthouse square. NEVER again! Never!!! I was under the impression it was more of a social thing that you just visited and trick or treated. There was a line... a ridiculously long line of people waiting to walk through. We didn't realize how far from the entrance we were until after we had been standing in it too long to just leave. Valerie was having fun in the line though. She kept saying "hey everybody, do chicken dance!" and dancing. No idea where that came from, LOL! Veronica was FANTASTIC the entire time. She handled the crowd very well and was happy and bouncing around in the stroller!! Amazing!! I guess we were in the line for over an hour. As we got close to the entrance, Val started getting cranky. Literally she got treats from THREE people, and freaked. "NO WAY NO WAY!! GO BACK GO BACK!" she screamed bloody murder. So, after all that waiting... we left. At home she said something about the scary man with a candle on his head... not sure what she saw, but obviously she didn't like it. Even after that, she said she had fun and was thrilled with the little bit of stuff she got.

I really hope tonight goes better. We're just going to a few houses around our neighborhood, then we'll come back home and hand out candy. I want Val to have FUN and not be afraid!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The girls are getting better. They seem to be almost normal during the day, but at night ... congested and sick! And not sleeping! Hopefully they'll be completely well SOON so we can go visit two sweet new babies!!
JC Pennys has "lost" one of Val's Christmas items... the 4 wheeler. Actually, FEDEX has "lost" it. JCP shows it as shipped, but there is zero tracking info on it. It's like it never left the warehouse... I'm waiting to hear back from customer service on a re-order status.

I took pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes last night. Valerie threw a FIT when I put hers on. Screaming take it off... pick it up... she didn't even want to see the darn thing. Finally she told me it was scratchy. It is a bit tight... so I'm guessing the tulle seam in the waist is itchy. So I told her we'd put on a "Lana" shirt under it. (We were given some clothes that were Lana's, so Val is thrilled to wear any of "Lana shirts." In fact, our new bribery tactic is "lana does it" or we sing the "Lana song" and it WORKS!) Problem solved... she was happy as can be once I put on black "Lana" tank under her dress.

I Can't Wait for Halloween!!! Trick or Treating is going to be SO much fun - I hope! I love Halloween. I never got why people think it's "bad" and deny their kids the fun. There is nothing bad about Halloween! It's just a holiday... a fun holiday. I remember being little and I couldn't WAIT to put on my costume and hit the neighborhood. We were always one of the first out and about exactly at 6pm. I hope Val isn't afraid... y'all know how she gets shy sometimes.
Lastly, here are my two little Ladybugs!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Of course, Veronica is sick too now...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Now Valerie is sick!!!!

I just hope Veronica doesn't catch it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

exhausted... and worried...

Clint is home sick today. It is so unlike him to be sick and this is the second or third time in a short while that he has literally been unable to get out of bed. Nausea... constant vomiting... severe headache. The stomach pains he had a few weeks ago could indicate an ulcer, which some of these symptoms fit. Or I'm thinking it's migraines. It's started yesterday. We were getting ready to leave for a friend's birthday lunch, and he didn't feel well. His blood sugar was pushing 300. He ended up puking on the side of the road just after we drove up. I wanted to come home, but he insisted we go to the party, where he continued to visit the bathroom every so often. Today isn't any better and he hasn't gotten out of bed AT ALL today. *sigh* His doc called in an RX for phenergan, which may make him feel better but it's not a solution. What is causing this to happen every so often? Clint has a very high pain tolerance, and for him to be so down and out he has got to be very sick. He hasn't felt completely well for quite some time... I just don't know.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Please keep Preston in your thoughts / prayers! He is back in the hospital being treated for jaundice. It should just be for the night, and I'm sure he will be just fine. I just want him well and back home!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Christmas is almost done!

I am DONE with Christmas shopping for Valerie and Veronica! I probably will pick up a few more small stocking stuffers, but right now I've spent less than $200. Not bad, considering it's Christmast for both of them AND Valerie's birthday. Last night I was searching online for a few things and found JC Penny had some great prices on toys. And using my magic, I scored a 20% off coupon. I ordered a set of 5 princess barbie type dolls, a double sided easel (birthday), and a ride on 4 wheeler with trailer all for $105!!

Val is also getting a pink acoustic guitar, a cat bath towel set, some PJs, and hopefully I can get my hands on some Yo Gabba Gabba stuff when it hits the stores November 21.

Veronica is getting PJs the same as Val, a musical play mat, and a Jack in the Box. Yeah she is getting short changed, but she is still little to understand and doesn't need a bunch of stuff anyway!

There is one more thing I'm considering that will be for both girls. It will be completely free, but it all depends on if we find the time to clean out the garage!! There are 2-3 boxes that my mom and dad dumped over here that are burried in our garage. What is it? My barbie dream house. It's the two story one that came in 3 big sections. Valerie is getting into pretend play more and more, and to her it would be a brand new doll house. She'd have no idea it was 25 years old! It was in GREAT condition with nothing missing when we packed it up, so it should all be there. I'm hoping we can get it cleaned and put together by Christmas.

NOW... all I have left is to figure out what to get Clint and my parents!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wow, we just got news that our friend Mike's (Valerie's Godfather) mom passed away. Apparently she had a heart attack ... so shocking. We just saw them Sunday evening while visiting Mike & Christine and their new baby girl in the hospital. She was so happy to see us and the girls. The funeral will be this weekend. I haven't a CLUE what we're going to do with the girls. I HATE to take them with us, but I don't think we have much choice.


I'm SO annoyed right now. When I made my dental appointment, I gave them my insurance and the dentist's name on my card. She gave me an appointment to see that dentist. Today, I hand the receptionist my insurance card and she tells me that since Dr. Z's name is on my card, that is who I have to see. And he is not in today. Turns out, sometime in between when I made the appointment two weeks ago and now, he switched his days off. What's REALLY stupid is that the office called me yesterday to remind me of my appointment!!!!!!! So I could either reschedule or they could call my insurance and transfer to the other dentist in the office. I said ok, do the transfer since I was there. And I waited. And waited. And waited. An hour later, I'm still sitting in the waiting room. And the receptionist is STILL on hold and has yet to speak to a live person at my insurance!!! SO, I said forget it... and just rescheduled it. I wasted an hour and a half for nothing. My mom and dad came all the way here to watch the kids for nothing. It makes me wonder though, what kind of doctor's office switches days off suddenly like that, with out thinking to notify patients that he will not be there to honor their appointment???????
Clint is in Houston this week. He called last night to say he wasn't feeling well and his stomach hurt. I didn't think much of it, until he called back an hour later wanting the 1-800 24 hour nurse number our insurance offers. I knew he had to be somewhat serious because he has a very high pain tolerance. He said it hurt similar to when he had pancreatitis. The nurse told him to get to the E.R. with in 3 hours to rule that out. So, he somehow found a ride to the hospital and was there most of the night. They didn't find anything wrong - no pancreatitis or hepatitis - thankfully. They gave him pain meds through an IV and told him to follow up with his doctor and maybe see a gastro specialist. It could be some sort of stones in some kind of duct between the stomach and liver. So, he is driving home today... still in a lot of pain... I hope he makes it home OK.

I'm heading to the dentist in a couple hours. JOY. I dread the dentist. I saw the same dentist since I was a child, but when I stopped working I switched to Clint's insurance. MY dentist isn't on his plan, so I'm seeing a NEW dentist today. UGH. The dentist is bad enough -- muchless a NEW dentist... I'd rather go to the GYN over the dentist anyday!!! LOL!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Baby Watch!

We're officially on Baby Watch times TWO! Both my godson and Clint's goddaughter are going to be born any day now, if not sooner! We're so excited for Angel and Jeff and Mike and Christine. Hurry up babies... we want to meet y'all!


Valerie has an imaginary friend (s). Sort of. I think!! She is nuts over Nickelodeon's new show, "Yo Gabba Gabba." She's seen it all of 5 times and is crazy over the characters. There's this blue cat... thing. I'm not sure what it's real name is, but Valerie insists on calling it Periwinkle, as in the blue cat from Blues Clues! And there's another monster thing called Mundo. Well, Valerie has been going around "talking" to these two and pretending to see them. It's so cute to see her going on and on about what Periwinkle is doing or wanting us to hold Mundo for her. Kids have such an amazing imagination! It's a shame that we lose that magic somewhere along the way.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007