Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello 2008

Well it's that time again... time to put another year behind us and look ahead to the next. 2007 was definitely not the best year. The year started with me being *miserably* *very* pregnant and sick! We were all awfully sick for New Year's. The highlight of course is our sweet little Veronica joining our family. And watching Valerie grow and learn as well. Both have brought so much happiness. I turned 35 - boo. We went on a mini vacation to Houston; that was a lot of fun. I re-joined the gym and began exercising again. We lost Kita. By September Valerie was done with diapers!!!

Hmmm that's about all I can think of off hand!

I do know that this year has been the hardest for me and Clint. There has been more strain on our marriage during the past year than any other. Quite a few major fights, more than I can count probably. Having a baby changes everything, but having baby #2 changes it even more. I know figuring out how to parent two was part of it. And I admit I am hard on him sometimes and maybe expect too much... Him and the whole moving to Houston business did a lot of damage to our relationship, and that's hard to forget. But, for better or worse, ya know? So let's just hope the worst is behind us and better days lay ahead...

ok... resolution time! (who really sticks to them though...?)

1. lose 5 lbs
2. lose 5 more lbs
3. lose 10 lbs (see a pattern here? lol)
4. eat/cook healthier (see above)
5. declutter and organize my house, room by room
6. HAVE A GARAGE SALE!! and donate the leftovers
7. do more fun things with the kids

and I'm sure the list will grow...

Your turn.... anyone else care to share their goals for 2008??

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I went after Christmas shopping yesterday. I bought myself a new watch. Funny... Clint claimed that there were NO black leather band watches to be found. Anywhere. There were at least 15 in various styles on the shelf at Target yesterday. I think Ihave learned my lesson though. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays don't mean a thing around here. Just like any other day. Next year I will buy and wrap my own gifts to put under the tree. I was so excited and happy about Christmas this year. I'm really sad that it turned out like it did. I found out Clint showed the (man's) watch to my mom, and she told him to exchange it or find another one. He told her Nah, he'd give it to me anyway and let me do what I wanted with it. So... he really didn't care to take the time or make an effort at all. And I started planning and shopping for him in October. I really don't want the computer ... it was a last minute gift, something he only got because he had to buy something, not because he wanted to give it to me. I have 2 computers already. So...anyway, lesson learned.


Totally unrelated news.... I got in touch with an ex boyfriend through myspace. Actually, on Valentine's Day 1996(?) or (97?) he asked me to marry him..... obviously that didn't pan out! Turns out he is living in Baton Rouge with his "boyfriend" (yes, you read that right) and they are trying to adopt. Well... that definitely explains a lot!! Another friend and I used to joke about him being gay, but I never ever thought it was true. Just goes to show ya... always go with your gut instinct.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Well, the girls had a great Christmas!!! They got lots and lots of fun stuff. Valerie had a wonderful time at her MeMe's Christmas Eve. She helped hand out gifts. It was the funniest thing... she loved giving everyone their presents! And of course, she had a fantastic time opening everything. 'ooooh I like that!!!' was her catch phrase of the night. Even Veronica was in a HAPPY mood all night long!!

Christmas morning Valerie wasn't as excited about her Santa gifts as I thought she'd be. It took her a while to dig into everything. Her most favorite thing is a Jack in the Box that I got for Veronica!!! Figures... Valerie is not letting Veronica touch any of the toys. All the shrieking is getting ridiculous...

My mom gave me an awesome set of Kitchenaid copper bottom pots, some new sheets, and a candle. And a big surprise... My mom gave me her sterling silver flatware!! It's sooooo pretty. It's gotta be about 35+ years old. Still in the storage chest, still sealed in plastic. Never-ever used! We used 4 place settings for Christmas dinner for the very first time.

That being said...

I really don't know why I'm surprised. Or why it bothers me so much. I just about got what I expected from my family -- nothing.
I know it isn't supposed to matter, but it does. I made sure Clint had a few things from me and a few things from the kids. Nothing extravagant - dress shirts, some CDs, a band t shirt, tools... but they were all things he needed and wanted. He at least had several gifts from me and the girls to open. Clint ordered a watch for me... but.... it's more of a man's watch. It's HUGE. Instead of sending it back or trying to exchange it, he gave it to me anyway. (???) And that was it. I spent most of today fighting tears because it really hurts my feelings that he doesn't try at all. It brought me back to two years ago when I got rubber spatulas. I put a lot of effort, time, and thought into choosing gifts for the kids and Clint. It's Christmas. SO anyway, just before we sat down for Christmas dinner, Clint hands me a piece of paper and says it's from Santa. Apparently, he ordered me a Dell laptop, but it won't be delivered until the end of this week. Now why couldn't he have given me the print out on Christmas Eve when we exchanged gifts? Why wait until after the fact? Why make me think all this time that I was getting nothing (again?) Why make me feel bad on Christmas Day?? I don't know what he was thinking. But it really put a damper on my Christmas spirit.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just popping in to say Valerie had a great birthday!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes for her. We took her to Chuck E. Cheese then to Jumping Kids. What else could a 3 year old ask for?!?


And I wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I hope everyone has a joy filled holiday.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Valerie is THREE!!!

Happy Third Birthday to my sweet little girl!

Three years ago she came into the world and changed our lives forever!!

It's hard to believe it's been three years already. It seems like yesterday she was a tiny baby. Now she's a little girl. Full of ideas, thoughts, and a big imagination all her own. And oh so silly!! Full of giggles and mischief....
Her hugs and kisses and "I love you momma" warms my heart so much....
It amazes me how much she knows. And how much she remembers!
Today is bittersweet. I'm oh so sad that my baby is growing up... yet oh so proud of her.... so proud of the sweet little girl she has become...

Happy Birthday to my little Princess, Valerie! I love you!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

We decided to brave the mall crowd today to pick up a few lasts gifts. I asked Val about going to see Santa, and she said "I gonna sit on Santa's lap! I take picture with Santa!" I really didn't think she'd do it. I asked her again as we passed Santa in the mall, and she said "NO" really quick. But then... she wanted to go back. She wanted to watch. So, I kept asking if she wanted to take a picture, and told her she didn't have to.... only if she wanted to. And after a while... she finally squeaked "yeah". Amazingly, she wasn't scared AT ALL! She even smiled!

We have a minor crisis now though... Valerie LOST her beloved bunny rabbit blanket at the mall. We got in the Santa line, and Clint and Veronica disappeared (grrrrrr.) All of my money was in the stroller, so we had to get out of line and wait for him to come back. (How were we supposed to take the picture without Roni I don't know...) Val was holding "Periwinkle" at that point, because I was going to let her hold the bunny for the picture. Finally, Clint came back, and we got in line again.... then I noticed Val wasn't holding her bunny anymore. *sigh* Luckily she has TWO of the things, but she is ridiculously attached to both of them. They are Periwinkle and Other Perwinkle! and she carts those things everywhere! She hasn't quite noticed yet.... I guess we'll tell her Periwinkle stayed at the mall to help Santa or something. At least until I can do some shopping on eBay and get a replacement that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I keep saying I'm DONE with my shopping, but then I think of someone else or something else to buy!

The Girls' Christmas lists are looking like this (yeah, I know poor Veronica is getting the shaft!! But she really doesn't need or want for much as of yet):

Monkey Nightgown
Acoustic Guitar
4 wheeler with trailer
Princess barbie dolls
a Ballerina barbie
Toodie from Yo Gabba Gabba
Set of I Spy books
Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk
Easel (but it's for her birthday!)

Musical play mat
My First Christmas Doll
Kitty Hooded Towel
Jack in the Box

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today was Veronica's 9 month well baby visit. She weighed 19.7 lbs, measured 28-1/4"! And... she is delayed on her motor skills. Literally she is doing NOTHING that a 9 month old is supposed to do! She's not crawling. Not standing. Not pulling up. Can't get into sitting position on her own. She's not even scooting forward. All she does is slide backwards and turn in circles! She is very very close to crawling though. She gets up on hands and knees for a few seconds, but won't go anywhere. It's not anything to worry about yet... but our ped did say it's something to keep an eye on...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Happy Third Birthday.... a little early

Today was Valerie's birthday party. It was fantastic!!! Clint and I both said this was one of the best events we've hosted yet. We had a GREAT time, and I'm hoping everyone else did. Even Veronica did surprisingly well. My dad held her for the longest time and she was happy as can be watching the kids jump. Valerie looooved the bounce house I rented. It was a hit with all the kids and kept them occupied all afternoon! Well worth the $100 and I'd rent it again. We had good weather with temps in the 80s and NO rain. Valerie cried when we sang happy birthday to her though. She wouldn't even sit at the table by her cake!! Clint held her while she burried her face and cried. Tonight she told us the candle was scary. Go figure...

Pics to come later.... for now, here's a quick pic of the birthday girl... and of course, the cake! Which I made of course...