Saturday, December 08, 2007

Happy Third Birthday.... a little early

Today was Valerie's birthday party. It was fantastic!!! Clint and I both said this was one of the best events we've hosted yet. We had a GREAT time, and I'm hoping everyone else did. Even Veronica did surprisingly well. My dad held her for the longest time and she was happy as can be watching the kids jump. Valerie looooved the bounce house I rented. It was a hit with all the kids and kept them occupied all afternoon! Well worth the $100 and I'd rent it again. We had good weather with temps in the 80s and NO rain. Valerie cried when we sang happy birthday to her though. She wouldn't even sit at the table by her cake!! Clint held her while she burried her face and cried. Tonight she told us the candle was scary. Go figure...

Pics to come later.... for now, here's a quick pic of the birthday girl... and of course, the cake! Which I made of course...

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