Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello 2008

Well it's that time again... time to put another year behind us and look ahead to the next. 2007 was definitely not the best year. The year started with me being *miserably* *very* pregnant and sick! We were all awfully sick for New Year's. The highlight of course is our sweet little Veronica joining our family. And watching Valerie grow and learn as well. Both have brought so much happiness. I turned 35 - boo. We went on a mini vacation to Houston; that was a lot of fun. I re-joined the gym and began exercising again. We lost Kita. By September Valerie was done with diapers!!!

Hmmm that's about all I can think of off hand!

I do know that this year has been the hardest for me and Clint. There has been more strain on our marriage during the past year than any other. Quite a few major fights, more than I can count probably. Having a baby changes everything, but having baby #2 changes it even more. I know figuring out how to parent two was part of it. And I admit I am hard on him sometimes and maybe expect too much... Him and the whole moving to Houston business did a lot of damage to our relationship, and that's hard to forget. But, for better or worse, ya know? So let's just hope the worst is behind us and better days lay ahead...

ok... resolution time! (who really sticks to them though...?)

1. lose 5 lbs
2. lose 5 more lbs
3. lose 10 lbs (see a pattern here? lol)
4. eat/cook healthier (see above)
5. declutter and organize my house, room by room
6. HAVE A GARAGE SALE!! and donate the leftovers
7. do more fun things with the kids

and I'm sure the list will grow...

Your turn.... anyone else care to share their goals for 2008??

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