Thursday, December 27, 2007

I went after Christmas shopping yesterday. I bought myself a new watch. Funny... Clint claimed that there were NO black leather band watches to be found. Anywhere. There were at least 15 in various styles on the shelf at Target yesterday. I think Ihave learned my lesson though. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays don't mean a thing around here. Just like any other day. Next year I will buy and wrap my own gifts to put under the tree. I was so excited and happy about Christmas this year. I'm really sad that it turned out like it did. I found out Clint showed the (man's) watch to my mom, and she told him to exchange it or find another one. He told her Nah, he'd give it to me anyway and let me do what I wanted with it. So... he really didn't care to take the time or make an effort at all. And I started planning and shopping for him in October. I really don't want the computer ... it was a last minute gift, something he only got because he had to buy something, not because he wanted to give it to me. I have 2 computers already. So...anyway, lesson learned.


Totally unrelated news.... I got in touch with an ex boyfriend through myspace. Actually, on Valentine's Day 1996(?) or (97?) he asked me to marry him..... obviously that didn't pan out! Turns out he is living in Baton Rouge with his "boyfriend" (yes, you read that right) and they are trying to adopt. Well... that definitely explains a lot!! Another friend and I used to joke about him being gay, but I never ever thought it was true. Just goes to show ya... always go with your gut instinct.

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