Sunday, December 16, 2007

We decided to brave the mall crowd today to pick up a few lasts gifts. I asked Val about going to see Santa, and she said "I gonna sit on Santa's lap! I take picture with Santa!" I really didn't think she'd do it. I asked her again as we passed Santa in the mall, and she said "NO" really quick. But then... she wanted to go back. She wanted to watch. So, I kept asking if she wanted to take a picture, and told her she didn't have to.... only if she wanted to. And after a while... she finally squeaked "yeah". Amazingly, she wasn't scared AT ALL! She even smiled!

We have a minor crisis now though... Valerie LOST her beloved bunny rabbit blanket at the mall. We got in the Santa line, and Clint and Veronica disappeared (grrrrrr.) All of my money was in the stroller, so we had to get out of line and wait for him to come back. (How were we supposed to take the picture without Roni I don't know...) Val was holding "Periwinkle" at that point, because I was going to let her hold the bunny for the picture. Finally, Clint came back, and we got in line again.... then I noticed Val wasn't holding her bunny anymore. *sigh* Luckily she has TWO of the things, but she is ridiculously attached to both of them. They are Periwinkle and Other Perwinkle! and she carts those things everywhere! She hasn't quite noticed yet.... I guess we'll tell her Periwinkle stayed at the mall to help Santa or something. At least until I can do some shopping on eBay and get a replacement that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!!!!!!

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