Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008 !! What a LONG day!!

Happy New Year from my new computer! It's a Vostro 1500, 120 gig hard drive, 2 gig ram, DVD burner... sweet. Now if only my husband would have thought ahead and told me about it when we opened gifts. The holidays would have gone much nicer.


We had a great day yesterday. The weather was going to be nice, so we decided to take the girls to the Audubon Zoo. I checked the website to make sure they were open, and they were having a "Noon" Year's Eve party. It was SO fun! Entertainment, free stuff, music, etc... At 12:00 noon they did a countdown and a toast with apple juice. Neat, since most kids miss the real party since they are asleep. Valerie loved walking around looking at all the animals.

On our way home, my cell rang and it was a friend I hadn't talked to in a couple years (Cherie!!) She and her husband had 2 extra tickets to a party at a bar. We already had plans to attend another party, but we knew that the chance to go "out" wouldn't come along again in a great while. We decided to do both, IF my parents would babysit. I called my mom, and she promptly told me no. I was a bit surprised, since we NEVER ask them to babysit while we go out with friends. And we were only talking about 3 hours... The bar we wanted to go to was just a few blocks from their house, so it's not like we would be far if they needed us to come back. I called Cherie, told her we couldn't go. Then my mom calls and says "maybe". She had to ask my dad. *rolleyes* So anyway, they ended up agreeing finally and we ended up being able to go!

We went by Jeff and Angel's party for about an hour and then headed to Morgan City. Poor Veroinca cried and cried. She screamed almost all the way to my mom's. All the fireworks didn't help. I had to climb in the backseat and squeeze between two car seats to try and calm her down. *sigh* The day was too much for her I think and she was exhausted. We got the kids settled at my mom's and went OUT. With NO kids! To a BAR for the first time in.... 4-5 years?? LOL! It was such a fun night. It wasn't overly crowded and the smoke wasn't that bad. It was nice seeing Cherie and Jimmy after so long. They gave free champagne (nasty nasty stuff!), free shots, t shirts, and a breakfast buffet at midnight. We were at my mom's to pick up Veronica by 12:20. She was surprisingly good overall, considering how much she cried earlier. We decided to just let Valerie sleep since she loves being over there anyway. And we had to drive back to Morgan City this morning for New Year's dinner and to get her.

Whew. What a busy couple of days. I'm tired. With the day trip and getting the kids and ourselves ready for the evening, we were non-stop! I think that is the most we have done in a single day in a long, long while. It was fun though.

Happy 2008 y'all!!

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  1. We're sitting here with at least 7 inches of snow outside. We had a good snowstorm last night. I'm glad you were able to go out with your friends you hadn't seen in a while and that your parents agreed to babysit.