Monday, January 28, 2008

I don't know how I'm EVER going to lose any weight if I can't spend a decent amount of time at the gym. Veronica has been crying almost every day. More than half the time, I have been giving up and leaving. It doesn't help that there is a new babysitter. The other girl was awesome, but for some reason they replaced her while she was on vacation!!! How crappy... Now there's this very unfriendly "manly" woman watching the kids. She is not a people person. She barely speaks. She told me she was not good with kids, so WHY is she babysitting?? I was so annoyed today though. I had 2 more rounds on my circuit to do. The girl who works at the front desk pops her head in the ladies gym, "hey, she's screaming.." No shit! I'm 5 feet away... I can hear her. So, of course I felt like I had to forgo my workout to go to the playroom. Roni cries.... that's nothing new. Deal with it for 15 minutes -- it's your job?! I have a feeling the new sitter said something to the other girl ... NO ONE HAS ever found me to tell me she was crying before. At least the other girl would try to calm Roni down. This new one is not kid friendly and has no idea what to do. I need my time at the gym!!!!

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  1. She told you she's bad w/kids??? OMG I'd put a complaint in. If the crying isn't disturbing the other people working out, they're not supposed to go find you. That's what I was told BY NICOLE when I thought about not joining. I hate that Cassarah's gone...she was awesome w/the kids.