Thursday, January 17, 2008


Sometimes I wonder if there's something "wrong" with Veronica. I know, I know... it's much too early to know. I shouldn't compare her to Valerie because all babies develop differently. She just seems so far behind. Just now she is starting to do things that Valerie did at 8-9 months old. She was so late rolling. She's very late crawling, and is just now starting to stand in her crib. Valerie was late also, but she was a very early talker. Roni's fussiness, neediness, and her being so particular don't ease my thoughts any. When she's happy and having a good day, she seems perfectly fine. She babbles "mama" and "dada." She started saying"duck" (but it sounds more like "du.") I guess it's in a Mother's nature to worry, and we always imagine the worst. I know that chances are she's fine and it's all part of her personality, attitude, etc.. I hope.


Valerie has been doing some pretty funny stuff lately. Just about every morning, the first thing she asks is, "where you going with me today?" She is definitely not a homebody! (I found a daycare/preschool for her and I'm going to enroll her part time. I just need to get up the nerve! lol!) She's been saying "you all" and I have NO IDEA where she got that from, as we say "y'all!" The other morning she called me into her room. "momma, c'mere!" So I went in and said good morning! Val had her face buried in her pillow with her arm up in the hair holding her rabbit. "Say HI to Periwinkle!" she said. LOL! I've started giving her to the count of three to cooperate. And she says "no momma, uno dos thres!" It's so funny, but I'm trying to convey that I'm SERIOUS but it's so hard not to laugh!! She's been playing "wedding" and announcing she's getting married. A couple of times people have asked her name. Val's reply? "baby cat." LOL!! I'm Momma Cat. She's Baby Cat. Clint is Daddy Cat. Funny funny.... such a wonderful imagination.


*yawn* So tired today. I got no sleep last night due to being out late and kids not sleeping. Last night was mom's night out -- dinner at Flannagan's. Nice place, good food. Of course the diet went out the window once I got there, but oh well. I'll go to the gym next week. I think our waitress was a bit frazzled by our large group. She took some appetizer orders, vanished, came back took a few more, vanished.... I wanted a salad for an appetizer, but I didn't get to order it until we were ordering entrees because she passed me by. Still, it was a good night. It's always great to get out and take off the Mommy Hat for a little while!!

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