Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I officially hate Papa John's

With us being sick, I'm not cooking of course. I decided to order a pizza tonight.... something we rarely do. I don't remember the last time we had pizza delivered. Anyway, I decided to go with Papa John's, since it has been a good 5 years since I have had pizza from there. I go online, place my order, get the confirmation, and wait. And wait. And wait. It said 5o minutes, so when it hit an hour, I decided to call and see what the delay was.

Girl answerd with her ridiculously long spew about their specials. I tell her I placed an order online and it hadn't gotten here yet. She asked my address, then said hold on for a manager.

I waited. And waited.

Finally, someone comes on the line.

"yeah?" she says. No hello... no Hi... Just "YEAH."

I said, "Um hello?"

Manager says, "We don't deliver to Bayou Blue anymore. I tried to call when the order popped up."

UM no. No one called. My phone NEVER rang. I NEVER left my kitchen. I have caller ID like the rest of the free world and there were NO calls AT ALL. I told her this. And she rudely said, "Well I called." And I said, "No, my phone never rang." And she says in a nasty tone, "Oh well then..." So I told her thanks for nothing... and hung up on her.

RUDE!! So I waited all that time, and we had nothing to eat because NO ONE CALLED! I see Papa John's delivering out here ALL THE TIME, so if something changed it's fairly recent.

Of course I went online and wrote a complaint letter. Not that it will do any good... but I will never order pizza from them again.


  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    We had Papa John's yesterday at work and they delivered. Weird that they won't go to Bayou Blue.

  2. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Must have been bad pizza day. We were going to get Dominos bc they were doing a fund raiser for Seth's school. I called, was put on hold for 5 minutes, and got hung up on. I called again and was on hold for like 15 minutes (I only stayed to see how long it would take but got annoyed and hung up). I wrote them a "nice" email to corporate. Good thing I had some ground meat ready to be cooked. I was livid. They're lucky I didn't feel like going ride over there!
    Hope y'all get back to your normal routine soon

  3. Anonymous5:44 PM

    news flash papajohns hates you too... you only order once every five years.... all pizza chains have days like that and ordering online you never get an accurate delivery time quote because its hard to predict how many stupid blogging soccer-moms are going to order online and think they are the only ones on earth ordering a pizza....if you pizza gets there late your either you were the last stop on the route (cuz they take more than a couple deliveries when it gets backed up) or a thousand other possible reasons from traffic to worthless teenaged to young adult employees. I'm gonna guess you probably stiffed the driver even though it probably wasn't his fault and even if it was his fault cut the guy a break he has to work delivering pizza..... I doubt thats what he set out be when he "grows up".

  4. That's pretty funny "Anonymous". Especially since if you could comprehend what you read you'd notice that I did not stiff the driver becuase I got NO pizza. Idiot.

  5. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Just got a 'free pizza' coupon on a blu-ray movie. Ordered my pizza and went to pick it up. I was told I couldn't have the pizza by the manager because I had to buy a $10 pizza in order to be eligible for the free pizza! NEVER AGAIN - I HATE PAPA JOHNS

  6. Anonymous3:35 PM

    It's customers like you that they love to hung up on. If your far away from the store, maybe you should have considered calling them to see if they deliver to you. Also, I doubt you actually gave them the correct phone number to reach you on, it's common for customers to use fake phone numbers when their afraid of possible promotional calls. Gez get over it, americans shouldn't be eating pizza anyways.

  7. Anonymous1:35 AM

    I used to be a pizza store manager. A good manager should have made at least a couple of attempts to contact you and offer you a free meal for your trouble. Instead, they treated you like dirt. I hate Papa John's also. Not only because the food and the service are bad, but because they treat their employees very badly. If they treated the employees well, they might make better food and give better service. They will fire a good employee that might make a decent wage and hire someone else at minimum wage to cut costs. I hope customers will wise up and stop ordering from them and that employees will wise up and get a job somewhere else!

  8. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I hate them, too. Worst pizza experience of my life. I waited 4 hours, was as courteous as possible and they were completely rude. Never brought a pizza, never got a courtesy call. Cancelled the order and didn't want to "deal" with me. Never will I buy Papa John's pizza, nor will any of my friends after I tell them my story. Worst employees, managers, and corporate I have ever dealt with. I hope they go under soon.

  9. Oooh worse here

  10. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I hate papa john's because they treat their employees very bad...

  11. Anonymous7:50 PM

    i worked there for 3 years and they are beyond awful to employees. When minimum wage went up they actually gave everyone pay decreases because they found a way to pay us as servers and get below minimum wage- less than i was earning before the wage increase. They also don't pay nearly an appropriate amount for gas reimbursement. We went on deliveries that were 30 mile round trips and got paid 1.15 in gas. And if we got a crappy tip or if we got stiffed we were losing money and making less than minimum wage while doing it. They sold expired food a lot. The gm was friends with the health code people and got the hookup on their score. At any given night my old papa johns score would fail a health inspection. Chemicals in the wrong spot, plumbing problems, not cleaning the oven, refrigeration problems, expired food, very poor dishwashing in cold disgusting brown water into water that doesnt contain any sanitary chemical.

  12. I know what you mean
    'papa johns treats their employees very bad".I worked at a papa johns that lowered delivery drivers wages when federal minimum wage went up.
    According to management drivers got tips so they didnt need extra money!A crappy corporation with disrespectful managers.

  13. Anonymous10:19 PM

    They treat the employees wretched. I worked there for 11 years and FINALLY quit. I was everything from an "in store" to a General Manager. They break an extensive amount of Labor laws and have zero respect for the employees. Not to mention more serious violations that I would mention if it meant there would be a change in any of them. I wrote a letter to the franchise owner of Minnesota(Brian Mills, he also owns all of the stores in Colorado) and the corporate office when I quit (well over a year ago) and there has been no change in customer satisfaction or the treatment of it's employees. I hope everyone realises that this is not an establishment to give your money to and their sales keep plummeting. Maybe then they will realise that it is time for some changes. On a plus note, the only one that I have, they do use quality ingredients. They are cut fresh everyday (depending on the manager) And as long as they are used within the expiration date they will taste awesome and make a lovely looking pizza. definitely an "8 or better". By the way, the comment about the Heath department from the person that worked there for three years is true. FYI.