Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still sick...

Steroid shots are lovely.

With in 2 hours of my injection yesterday, my throat no longer felt like it was on fire!!! And I actually felt human. Today I cleaned and disinfected the kitchen and living room. Tomorrow the bathrooms... I think I overdid it because I feel pretty bad tonight.

Kids are still snotty, coughing, congested, cranky, not eating.... Same as me I guess! The fevers are gone, so we're on the down side of it now. Poor Roni sounds terrible. She's crying a lot. I guess it's harder on her because she's so small.

Tomorrow makes 6 days of being sick for me and Val, 5 for Roni. I hate how this crap lingers on and on....

Clint is feeling pretty bad. He is actually at Urgent Care as I type. He is scheduled to be in Houston all next week. Rather than wait until Monday to see his doctor, he decided to try the after hours place instead.

*sigh* Please let us all be well SOON!!

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