Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well.... it looks like Clint is up for a new position at Halliburton. The details are still being worked out, but he had a chat with his boss about it yesterday. From what his boss said, Clint is probably the best candidate for the position. They have to interview a couple of other guys, but Clint is under the impression that the job is going to be offered to him. He's super excited. I'm nervous, but change always makes me nervous. Especially when it's something big like this. It's going to be either 7 & 7 or 14 & 14 (hasn't been decided yet.) He'll work a 12 hour shift, and will be able to come home at night. Then he'll be off those 7 or 14 days, however it ends up being. THAT will be awesome. More family time, more time to get things done, go places, etc. The pay scale is also $1,000+ more a month than what he's at now. Niiiiiice. I guess the biggest downside besides 12 hour days is the drive. The job is going to be based in Broussard, just outside of Lafayette. Roughly 90 minutes one way. He already drives to Lafayette twice a week now though. And it takes him that long to get home sometimes fighting New Orleans traffic, so it won't be that much difference. And it will only be roughly 14 days a month, not every day. If worse comes to worse, we could always move that way if needed... although I really like the general area we are at now... I feel settled here, even though we will eventually build another house, it won't be far from where we live now. Overall the job is a plus all around. A promotion, more money, working only half of the year.... I think one of my biggest worries is that after a few months somebody will decide to transfer him to Houston or some far away place. You all know what happened last time Clint was set on moving... They are looking to have "whoever" set up and working the new position by June, so a decision will be made very SOON to get all the training taken care of before then. So... we'll just wait and see how this plays out...


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity. Although the days will be incredibly long if you tack on the 3 hours of driving time. I hope everything works out!

  2. BUT he already works 14 hour days, so another hour isn't that much difference!