Friday, March 07, 2008

Last night I was making Veronica laugh, and to my surprise when she opened her mouth she has not one but TWO molars peeking through her gums! Well, that explains her fussiness. To think she had the flu and those big teeth on their way out at the same time. I can also see bumps where 4 more front teeth will soon be.... ouch.

I'd say Veronica had a great birthday. I took the girls to the mall for the day. Valerie got her first real haircut, which I am not impressed with at all! The girl didn't cut enough off and her bangs look crooked, but she does have weird hair so it could just be how it falls. The girls had their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Valerie was thrilled to death. Then we did some shopping. Dillards has a great clearance sale on winter things, so I picked up some really nice clothes for them for next fall CHEAP. $50 outfits for $12!! Lunch was at Cuco's. Both girls were well behaved and ate their food. I checked out the sale at Penny's on our way out, and I got Val and Roni each two matching sundresses for $9 each. Veronica was happy and babbling the whole time at the mall. Towards the end of the afternoon, she was getting tired. I reclined the stroller and she went right to sleep. Worlds away from the Veronica we knew a year ago!!!

Yesterday we went to Wal-mart, and again Veronica surprised me. She was waving and saying "haaaaiii" (hi) to EVERYBODY. Even the cars driving by in the parking lot! Maybe she's not as behind as I think....

We are going to Lafayette tonight and tomorrow for the JDRF walk and Halliburton Fun Day. I am really not into going. I'm dreading it almost.... I'm so tired. We've been so busy, and I'd love to stay home and do nothing!! I don't feel like packing a ton of crap for one night. I'm not looking forward to spending the night in the hotel with two restless kids. Or spending money we don't need to spend. Tomorrow it's going to be freezing cold, and we're supposed to do a 5K walk early in the morning and be outside all day. Brrr. I am so not in the mood for this.

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