Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One step forward....two steps back

Just when it looks like we are finally getting ahead and recovering from the tremendous amount of medical bills in 2007.... You know, me being in the hospital 3 times, having a baby, baby bills, Clint's surgery, and the MONTHS of physical therapy after.... We're finally caught up on bills and have a decent amount of extra money. It looks like we're gonna have to fork out $1500 on a new lawnmower now. Clint was cutting the grass a couple weeks ago and CLUNK it made a weird noise and quit. Completely dead.... wouldn't do a thing. He finally got somebody to look at it, and from the way it sounded to the guy, the engine is fried. The sad thing is this is a new John Deer mower!! It's barely 3-4 years old. We got it from a neighbor who moved. His dad had bought the mower for him, but his yard was so small he barely used it since it was easier to use his push mower. It was in PERFECT condition, so at $800, it was a steal! Now it's junk... and to replace the mower it will be about what we paid for the darn thing. I guess it's probably better to buy a whole new mower than try to fix the one we have.... *sigh*

Then, Clint wants to have a birthday bash for himself. That's fine.... it is his big 4-0. (but remember last year we did nothing for my birthday.) He's talking about having a crawfish boil on Good Friday. It's going to cost a fortune if we invite all the people he wants to invite. I'm trying to convince him to wait a week!! Easter weekend is not a good time for a party. I'm sure some people still have to work. Practically everyone we'd invite is Catholic, so if they're following the "rules" that means no meat on Good Friday... At least 4 people we'd invite do not eat seafood, myself included!! There is NO WAY I'm going to do ALL the prep work for a party and NOT have anything to eat!!!!! We'd do an egg gumbo or something on the side... but still!!! If he'd wait until the following weekend, we could BBQ in addition to having crawfish. We wouldn't have to get just crawfish for everybody, so it'd save some money, and maybe we could include a few more friends!?

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  1. It does seem that it is always something. Plus, we have adouble-edged sword in that we need to save for our our adoption, also on top of everything. Thank goodness, I'm getting my anneal bonus this week, although it is not as generous as in the passt, at least it is something.

    When is Clint's birthday? Kevin's is the 20th and I have a friend's on the 22nd and my brother is the 13th. Guess March is a popular month to be born. This year will also be my 40th.