Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last week was a busy week! I made it to the gym three days in a row. Surprisingly, Veronica did not cry (well mostly!) I hope it continues... I NEED my time at the gym to keep my sanity. *crossing fingers*

Wednesday was Mom's Night Out at a coffee shop. I almost didn't go, but I was glad I did. Saw a few friends I hadn't seen in a while (Chasity!) I had a nice time overall inspite of some rude people. It's always good to get away and turn off the mommy mode for a couple hours.

Thursday was Veronica's one year well baby visit. Poor baby got four shots. She screamed and screamed. :-( Stats were 21.4 lbs and 29 1/2" long. She's suddenly on the verge of taking that first step. She JUST started cruising around the furniture, but she lets go and stands there. It won't be long...

Friday was my dad's birthday. It's hard to believe he is 75. That just seems so.... old. Which I guess it is, but it's hard to think of my Dad as being old. The girls and I spent the day at my parents' house. I baked him a choc cake, of course!

Saturday (yesterday) I did most of my Easter shopping. The Easter Bunny didn't get a crazy amount of candy, but then again he got a little too much just for "the kids". Oh well... it'll all be gone a week or two after Easter. I haven't been watching my diet lately anyway.

Today we went to a family playgroup event at the park. We brought a picnic lunch and had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was a beautiful day to spend outside. We had a great turnout and Valerie loved having so many kids to play with. I was a little unhappy with how the hunt was done though. Two and under went first, but quite a few paid no attention to that and sent their older kids out anyway. Valerie is still too little to compete with 8 or 9 year olds. I saw many big kids with buckets full of eggs - 3-4 dozen maybe. Valerie got seven eggs total. I know it's stupid, but we brought 12 eggs and Val had very little time to get any eggs with the big kids grabbing everything up. Not really fair to the little ones.... but no biggie I guess. We had a great day.

And we have another busy week ahead!

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  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I am so glad you decided to go to the MNO, it was so good to see you! I miss you! Hopefully we can catch up soon!!